Pierwszy drewniany biurowiec

The first wooden office building in Warsaw has received planning permission

The building, designed by the AMBIENT studio, is the first office building in Warsaw and the tallest building in wooden technology to date, which has been granted planning permission. The author of the project is Magdalena Pios, and the investor is UBM Development Polska. The first wooden office building in the capital will be built at Poleczki Street in Ursynów, in the largest business park in Poland – Poleczki Park.

The 16-metre-high, four-storey building will be constructed using glulam, cross-laminated timber panels and prefabricated timber-frame façade elements. The building has been designed to reduce its negative impact on the environment. By using timber instead of reinforced concrete as the main building material, the built-in carbon footprint is reduced. Only the basement, ground floor elements, staircases and lift shafts will be reinforced concrete. The architects have also introduced a number of solutions to reduce energy consumption and lower the carbon footprint during the use phase, including reduced glazing on the façade, efficient plumbing and lighting systems and a photovoltaic installation. The building will also feature water-saving solutions, increasing rainwater retention and supporting biodiversity.

The first wooden office building in Warsaw. Photo: Ambient Architects

Pierwszy drewniany biurowiec

AMBIENT’s design philosophy is based on the belief that, in this time of climate crisis, architects should reduce the negative impact of construction on the environment.

“We have more and more opportunities in this regard. Awareness of existing solutions, their critical selection and knowledge of legislation are key. We try to make our projects sustainable at every stage of a building’s life: starting with the choice of materials, through the use phase, thinking also about how to avoid waste when renovating or even when demolishing a building. We implement the principles of a circular economy in our projects. In our work, concern for the environment is combined with attention to the quality of the architecture and the comfort and well-being of the users of the spaces we create,” – convinces Magdalena Pios, founder of the studio.

The AMBIENT studio also designed a wooden library building on Kłosowa Street in the Choszczówka estate, in Białołęka. The building is already complete and is due to open later in the first half of this year.

Source: ambientarchitects.com

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