The greening of Szczecin continues. 75 trees will be added to Bożena Street!

The greening of Szczecin is in full swing. The city has just presented the effects of the greening work on the newly renovated Bożena Street. A total of 75 trees and over 4,000 shrubs will be planted there

The planting will be carried out over the next few days and will be carried out in accordance with the standards of the art of gardening. The seedlings will be given a properly prepared substrate, will be watered and will receive natural preparations to stimulate their growth and allow them to adapt to the planting site. Treatments used will include mycorrhisation of the substrate or the application of fertilisers and species-specific products. Importantly, the tree seedlings are larger than anticipated in the project documentation

Among the new saplings that will beautify the greenery on the reconstructed Bożena Street and partly on 1 Maja Street are: Elsrijk field maples – 8 pieces; Red Shine field maples – 14 pieces; Fastigiata beech trees – 42 pieces; Fastigiata purple beech trees – 9 pieces; Red oaks – 2 pieces; Moss Green Chinese honeysuckle – 924 pieces; The Fairy rose – 1332 pieces; Kesselringii white dogwood – 59 pieces; Doornebosa Amethyst snowberry – 250 pieces; Kuntayi scarlet cucumber – 1,032 pieces; Gajo eastern laurel – 18 pieces; Thunberg’s barberry Atropurpurea Nana – 36 pieces; Sem rowanberry taffy – 798 pieces.

The task includes

  1. reconstruction of the existing section of Bożena Street to the side of 1 Maja Street, together with pedestrian and cycle paths;
  2. construction of a new road section from the end of the reconstructed section of Bożena Street to the northern exit of the “Water Factory – Nowa Gontynka” facility, together with the construction of pedestrian and bicycle lanes to Sczaniecka Street;
  3. construction of permanent traffic organisation elements;
  4. construction of a rain drain system and road lighting
  5. construction of parking spaces;
  6. greenery management.

The contractor is the Road and Construction Company MTM SA. The gross cost of the works is over PLN 13.5 million

source: Szczecin City Hall /

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