The House on the Trunk, a holiday home on Lake Kowalskie near Poznań.

The House on the Trunk is a secluded, beautiful nook near Poznań on Lake Kowalskie. The unusual shape of the two-storey house “suspended” in the trees overlooking the water fits in perfectly with the forest character of the area

The owners, Eliza and Jarek, were keen not to disturb or interfere with the natural character of the plot. Hence their idea to make this bungalow fit in with the surroundings and blend in with the existing trees

“The investors approached us to help them design a functional interior for the cottage, which they wanted to be a refuge from the everyday life in the big city. Our task was to accommodate in a 35 square metre space: a living area with a place to prepare and eat a meal, rest, as well as a bedroom and a bathroom. Neither the relatively small area nor the irregular shape of the block made the interior design any easier. However, I immediately noticed a huge potential of this place, I was enchanted by the surroundings, but also by the responsible, conscious and ecological approach of the investors to the project, their openness to ideas and the idea of harmony between the inside and the outside, which they wanted and which is also very close to me,” says Ewa – says Ewa, designer of Our New

The cottage has room for all the furnishings and functions needed: appliances in the kitchen, a small table and chairs, a bespoke sofa bed from local company Grey Horse, a mini library and a bathroom with shower. The first floor is complemented by two terraces with comfortable seating, one of which has a sauna. Upstairs is a bedroom with a full-size bed and a spacious terrace overlooking the lagoon

Wood in the form of plywood as wall cladding and kitchen built-ins has become the leading material for the finishing touches, with Domzalski Joinery as the contractor. The geometric divisions of the plywood were further marked by painting, thus emphasising the asymmetry of the cottage, giving it a somewhat Japanese order. Their impressive cutting and finishing is the hard work of Jarek himself, who undertook this difficult task. They initially appeared in the carpentry, but soon both the designer and the investors agreed that they should also appear on the walls and ceiling

The furniture and movable furnishings are also predominantly made from natural materials: jute rugs, wicker baskets, Vienna plaid. These have made the interior very cosy, but not overloaded with decorations; nature still plays a major role here

“This project is above all the result of great cooperation with the investors. Despite the distance and the engaging professional work, Eliza was in constant contact by email and phone, we made the final purchase choices together, and it was a great pleasure probably for both of us,” – Eve adds

Thanks to this successful collaboration, The House on the Stump is a place where problems go away and nature provides solace

Project metrics:
Name: Dom na Pniu
Area: 35 sqm
Year: 2023
Location: Near Poznań
Design: Ewa Pawłowska, Nasze Nowe /
Photos: Marta Behling, PionPoziom /

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