The interior of a house near Poznań. Here every detail matters

Its area is 200 sq m. The interior of the house was designed by Katarzyna Buczkowska-Grobecka, who runs her own design studio Ktura Architekci

The building is located near Poznań. In its interior, brick decorates the various nooks and crannies. The place was designed for a family that has been connected to the automotive industry for generations. At the entrance, as a continuation of the façade detail, the designer proposed a brick wall that separates the living area of the house from the garage, which can accommodate as many as five cars. This wall emphasises the axis of the entrance

Inside, a large living room was created with glazing that frames views of the garden. This is the part of the house where the householders relax and spend time together over meals. The heart of the building is the kitchen, which bustles with life every day

It is not only a place to prepare meals for the family, but also an area for meetings, conversations and cooking together with friends, ” adds the designer

The communication, separated by a grey fireplace zone, is closed with a loft glass door, which corresponds well with the brick. Noteworthy are the texture details that permeate the entire interior

I wanted the materials used in this house to be consistent but at the same time varied, not only in colour but also in texture and texture. Some of them are light and warm while others are dark and cold,” describes Katarzyna Buczkowska-Grobecka, who designed the interior of the house

The austere and light interior was warmed up with expressive wallpaper in the kitchen and bedroom and leather upholstery for the dining chairs. The loft-like steel door and the grey fronts of the built-in furniture are the cool vertical planes of this interior

The whole is complemented by graphics, the choice of which was not accidental. The dining area is decorated with a black and white Ferrari F40, in the communication with colourful graphics of an Italian Vespa

photos: Justyna Kwiatkowska-Folkman and Piotr Folkman

source: Ktura Architekci

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