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The Metalowiec Sanatorium in Złockie will soon welcome guests again. Its modernisation is underway

The historic Metalowiec sanatorium in the village of Złockie near Muszyna will change its face. The building was abandoned years ago and fell into disrepair. Now it will gain new life thanks to investors who fell in love with its unique style. This gem of modernism will be rebuilt while preserving the atmosphere of the past.

The sanatorium in Złockie, opened in the 1960s, belonged at the time to the Association of Polish Steelworks. It built the facility for its employees as a medical and health facility where they could come, relax and enjoy the benefits of the spa. During the communist period, i.e. in its heyday, the facility was a sanatorium of the highest standard in the entire region.

Sanatorium Metalowiec

It was closed down a dozen years ago, and the Arche Group bought it from the bailiff. It reports that the designed functional and spatial layout for the entire facility provides for rooms in the existing sanatorium building and the newly built part. The complex will also include conference rooms with a total area of 1,000 sq m, a restaurant and bar with terraces in the hotel’s green courtyard and a children’s play space.

Visualisations of the Metalowiec sanatorium after modernisation:

The project also includes the redevelopment and extension of the existing pool building – there will be an additional outdoor pool, children’s area, jacuzzi and spa. Original elements such as the characteristic mosaic, stone floors, parquets, balustrades, stairs, tableware and lamps will be preserved in the building, highlighting its historical value. The restoration of the furniture has already begun. Old chairs and armchairs will fill the spaces of the restaurant, cafés and hotel rooms. High-quality materials will be used for the interior design, and the whole will be complemented by warm and bright colours.

The hotel will have more than 300 rooms. Completion is planned for 2025.

Source: deweloper.arche.pl, gazetakrakowska.pl

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