The mottled signboard has undergone a metamorphosis. Here is Modystka in Gdynia

The Modystka shop is located in Gdynia at 8 Kilińskiego St. The premises have recently undergone a visual metamorphosis.The changes were made possible by Traffic Design

It has a streamlined form and refers to tradition. The new visual identity of the Modystka shop in Gdynia was designed by Patryk Skoczylas, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. The changes were carried out by members of the Traffic Design association

This is another metamorphosis in a public space carried out by Traffic Design. You can find their other realisations by clicking HERE. The most recent metamorphosis was carried out in a shop at 8 Kilińskiego Street, which has craft traditions. This element was the starting point in the design work for the new signboard

The shop’s new name is no coincidence. The name ‘fashionista’ stands for a woman who makes and sells women’s hats. The name therefore fits perfectly with the shop’s business profile

The design for the changes was prepared by Patryk Skoczylas, who carried them out as part of his MA thesis at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. Importantly, the elevation of the walls around the shop has also changed – it is the original colour of the tenement house from years ago

Re:design covered not only the signboard and shop window, but also the entire visual identity of the establishment including the logotype, business cards and wrapping paper. The implementation was supervised by the Office of the Historic Preservationist in Gdynia, thanks to whom the entire ground floor of the building was restored to its original colour. At his request, the area with the vertical corrugation was kept intact,” describes the Traffic Design association

Traffic Design’s partner in the project was the city of Gdynia. The designers also collaborated with paint manufacturer Flügger and the Mapalu studio

photo: Rafał Kołsut, source: Traffic Design, UM Gdynia

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