Residential complex like white pearls

The complex of residential buildings was designed by Martin Cenek. They were built in 2022 in Prague, Czech Republic. It is an attractive location offering a respite from the bustling centre of the capital. A few dozen metres away is the Hvězda nature reserve, where wild animals can often be seen.

The neighbourhood is distinguished by its mixed architecture. Next to modern buildings, there are suburban villas from the late 19th century. The whole area is distinguished by uneven terrain. This can be seen in the plot on which the residential complex was built. There is as much as fourteen metres difference between the lowest and highest points.

When designing the houses, the architect opted for a varied form. He deliberately divided the project into several parts in order to make the buildings seem intimate and integrated into the existing urban fabric. The shape, size and roofs of the three houses are reminiscent of typical buildings in the region. On the south side, the buildings are adjacent to the escarpment.

Two houses have a tripartite roof. This makes them appear smaller. The gaps between the buildings reveal the view of the rock face. On the street side, the buildings have an urban character, quite different from the cliff side. There, the architect has proposed a more natural character that alludes to the reserve.

There are no elaborate façade materials in the buildings. The walls are decorated with white lime plaster and wooden elements. In addition, there are galvanised steel details and the fence is painted grey. The use of different sized and unevenly spaced windows is also decorative. The frameless windows create a minimalist appearance.

The interior space consists of two living floors and an attic. The lowest part is the entrance area. Interestingly, the developer himself decided to live in one part. The individual floors of his flat are connected by a winding staircase. The rest of the building has classic staircases and lifts.

The interiors of all the houses have been designed similarly. Here, the architect combined concrete surfaces, white plaster and oak flooring. This created a space that serves as a backdrop for the residents’ personal belongings.

photos: Martin Cenek,
photos taken with a drone: Marek Jehlička,

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