They designed the garden of their dreams. Nero Garden by Eklekt Atelier

A well-designed garden does not only soothe the eyes with greenery or offer a place to relax. A well-designed garden first and foremost corresponds to the architecture of the house, is an extension of it and creates a coherent whole with it. An example of such a garden is the Nero Garden project in Warsaw.

The garden was designed by Przemysław Cepielik and Karolina Kolano from the Eklekt Atelier studio. Their task was to create a green space that would complement the Nero House house designed by Reform Architekt. The house is a modern, modernist block with a dark façade. Its immediate surroundings should be equally elegant.

The house is located in Warsaw and was designed for a young family. The owners wanted to create a sense of privacy, so the designed greenery is a kind of natural curtain separating the house from the neighbours. The vision of the garden was inspired by the mountain nature. The developer spent a lot of time walking along the mountain paths of the Balkans. He liked the abundance of greenery and stones, the natural compositions creating a postcard landscape. He decided to bring this atmosphere into the neighbourhood of his own home.

The garden was designed to complement the surrounding architecture, creating a place of peace and harmony. The authors of the project admit that the challenge was to ensure a sense of privacy for the residents. There is a housing estate in the neighbourhood, so it was important to plan the greenery in such a way as to create a natural visual barrier, especially to its heavily glazed parts. This was achieved by raising the area, without disturbing the natural character of the surroundings, and selecting coniferous trees whose dense branches will effectively shield the residents even in winter.

We used year-round plant species of varying heights and structures to create a natural screen for the house. In addition, we introduced terrain elements such as small hills or rocks to add character and depth to the space,” describe Przemyslaw Cepielik and Karolina Kolano.

In the entire arrangement, it is worth noting the small architecture and the relaxation zone. The latter was created next to the main terrace and offers a place to relax surrounded by water. There is also room for a minimalist fireplace in the garden. The entire area is decorated with walking paths, the surface of which is made of stone slabs. The garden has also been given discreet lighting.

The use of nature motifs from the Balkan hills and their transfer to the heart of the city made it possible to create a garden that delights all year round, and not only in spring and summer. The use of vegetation in a variety of shapes and colours, combined with natural stone elements, has created a visual mosaic that changes with the seasons. Importantly, it is not just a decorative space. The garden encourages relaxation, socialising and contact with nature.

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About the studio:

Eklekt Atelier is a design studio based in Krakow, Warsaw and Athens. The studio consists of a team of architects who offer the preparation of projects in the field of architecture, interiors and greenery. The office works with owners of flats, houses and office space. As part of their daily work, the architects offer a wide range of services. From project preparation through supervision or turnkey investment. The architects at Eklekt Atelier already have more than 15 years of experience. The studio’s main office has been arranged in the form of an elegant boutique, which allows you to assess the quality of the designers’ work at first glance. For more information, visit

design: Eklekt Atelier – Przemysław Cepielik and Karolina Kolano

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