Redevelopment of an old Prague townhouse. The elegant building now has spacious terraces

Prague’s Břevnov neighbourhood is unique in many ways. Despite its proximity to the bustling centre and major tourist attractions, it retains a friendly, secluded atmosphere. The houses are kept small and their ground floors are filled with small shops, and only the sound of a tram occasionally reminds us that a few stops away is a dynamic, big city. The redevelopment of one of the local townhouses at 16 Šlikova Street has transformed it into a boutique apartment building. Architects Markéta Zdebská and Marek Žáček of the BY architectural studio define here through architecture what the word HOME means to them.

The reconstruction of the townhouse is the result of the architects’ cooperation with the investor Martin Bartůňek. From the very beginning, they liked his approach to the entire project. He wanted a project that was conceptually well thought-out and refined in every detail. The building was very solid, with preserved historical elements and a fascinating view of the courtyard and the city skyline. It was the sweeping views that determined the architectural concept of the residence, based on working with the contrasts between new and old. Looking from the street, the house has retained its elegant historic façade, while the new dormers are designed in a historicising aesthetic that does not disrupt the appearance of the house or the public spaces. From the courtyard, the house has been given a modern face.


The lift shaft, which meets the required standards, is surrounded by spacious terraces. These give residents the opportunity to take a breather while also providing them with a beautiful view of Prague. Unlike in many other European capitals, balconies are not a common standard in redevelopments carried out in Prague. Here, however, the preservationist had no objections, as the new rear façade does not disturb the architecture of the building, but actually adds to its value.


The heart of the old house is the restored authentic staircase with its wrought-iron balustrade and stone steps. In the flats, the architects used contemporary materials and elements: in the bathrooms, flush-mounted faucets or hexagonal tiles were used, in the corridors one can notice the thoughtful layout of the doorways, from those with concealed frames to glazed double doors.

The flats have been designed as spacious and bright spaces that allow family members to stay in touch, even if they are in different parts of the property. At the same time, the architects have ensured that there is ample access to sunlight, which is a key theme here. The communal staircase is bathed in light from the French windows on the external lift platforms. Generous windows without sills provide good light to the main living areas, while glazed room doors direct light to the internal communication of the individual flats. Even most of the bathrooms are fitted with windows.

Together with the developer, the architects divided the house into flats with practical and desirable layouts. Thanks to the well-thought-out architectural concept by BY architects and the high quality workmanship, Šlikov 16 has created a timeless living space of lasting value – in short, a space where you can feel at home.

Project: BY architects
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Visualisation (including interior concept): Svoboda & Williams
Year of construction: 2023
Photography: Alex Shoots Buildings

Source: BY architects,

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Subject: redevelopment of an old Prague townhouse. The elegant building now has spacious terraces

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