sadzenie drzew
fot. Rafał Motyl/UM Warszawa

The planting of trees at Three Crosses Square is underway. They are returning here after nearly a century!

The ongoing tree planting is the culmination of the renovation of Three Crosses Square. The plants are approximately 6 m high and have a trunk circumference of at least 25 cm. They are being planted on a triangular plot in the area of Żurawia and Bracka Streets and along the eastern roadway of the square at the junction with Książęca Street. As a result of discussions with the conservation officer, it was finally possible to improve the project, which was carried out in a difficult historic space that is also a road junction. The new lime trees, hawthorns and pear trees will be accompanied by lawns and a hedge – a total of more than 2,700 m2 of green space. Autumn is also the perfect time for the new trees to establish themselves in the ground

There will be a total of 24 new trees, for starters, to complete the square, which has been redesigned to serve all users – drivers, cyclists and pedestrians

Planting trees. Photo: Rafał Motyl/ City of Warsaw

sadzenie drzew

We are greening this square – like many other reconstructed places in the capital – because the people of Warsaw love greenery, which not only produces oxygen and purifies the air, but also gives us respite on hot, hot days. We are giving this square back to the city’s residents, including the youngest, literally! It is the children from the inner-city schools and kindergartens who are planting the trees here, but they will also be their patrons! That is why each tree will be marked with a plaque: “This tree grows together with children from school or kindergarten number such and such…” It is to these children, but also to our grandchildren, i.e. to the next generation, that we want to leave a beautiful, healthy and functional Warsaw; one that you want to live in! – informs ZDM

Work on the Square of Three Crosses began in August last year and was carried out throughout the entire time “under traffic”, without completely closing it off to cars, bicycles or public transport. During the works, well-preserved cobblestones and former tram rails were uncovered at the level of the Institute of the Deaf on Wiejska Street. Part of this historic surface of the square was cleaned and exposed. The cobblestones on the west side of the square were in worse condition, but part of them were removed from under the roadway and exposed on a section of the Bracka Street extension within the square
Residents will soon be able to see the effect of the work in all its glory

Source: Warsaw City Roads Authority

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