The simple way to a beautiful home. We take a look at a house near Warsaw

Its interior was designed by Iza Koczanowska, who runs the Isla Interiors studio. The interior was created for the owners, who previously lived in the Old Mokotów district of Warsaw. Their house was built on the outskirts of the capital, surrounded by a forest. Thanks to the bold juxtaposition of colourful accessories, they gained a beautiful home that will successfully serve them for many years

The investors wanted the house to visually refer to the modernist character of Stary Mokotow. The interior is kept in a minimalist spirit, and the collected forms, details and colours refer to the aesthetics of Le Corbusier and how he operated with contrast

An important assumption when working on the project was to leave a sense of space in the interior, without “overloading” it with accessories. The designer opted for natural materials and high-quality finishes

The space in the house is full of light, which is phenomenally reflected in harmoniously chosen shades and textures. The owners were keen for the interior to fulfil its function, present an aesthetic statement and provide comfort. Hence the idea for a custom-made sofa. In the flat, in addition to design icons, one can find furniture of such domestic brands as Paged, Fameg or Ummo. A keen eye will also spot vintage furniture, here the main “star” is an armchair renovated by the owners

Iza Koczanowska opted for a colour scheme consisting of broken lemon beige, burgundy and shades of blue. These colours are interspersed with terrazzo motifs, a mosaic checkerboard and a zebra motif on the cushion, which alludes to contrasting black accents. The entire interior is complemented by accessories such as glasses from Fenek Studio or original limited edition works by artists, including the ‘Imagine’ poster by Bolesław Chromry

design: Iza Koczanowska (Isla Interiors)


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