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The tallest residential building in Poland is being built. It will have 220 m

The tallest residential building in Poland is under construction in Rzeszów. The Olszynki Park investment is being carried out by the developer APKLAN. Originally, the plans assumed the construction of a lower skyscraper, but eventually the project was changed and several floors were added, which will result in a total height of 220.67 m.

So far, the tallest residential buildings in Poland are Wrocław’s Sky Tower (212 m) and Zlota 44 in Warsaw (192 m). The first place on the podium will soon be taken by Rzeszów. It is there that the Olszynki Park investment, which consists of two residential buildings, is under construction. Their design was created by the A.T. Architekci studio.

Olszynki Park is a complex with various functions, but with a dominant residential part. In addition to the flats, there are to be spaces for offices, retail and services. A multi-storey garage has been built in the underground part.

The buildings are located on the southern outskirts of Śródmieście, near the Wisłok river on Kilar Street. The taller tower has 41 storeys and the lower one 18 storeys, and a total of 292 flats will be built. The largest flats will be up to 300 square metres in size. The complex will have a swimming pool, a spa area with a gym, restaurants and cafés.

Olszynki Park is set to be a new dominant feature in Rzeszów’s landscape. Together with the buildings under construction (as well as those yet to be designed) near the Castle Bridge, it will create a contemporary skyline for the city.

The volume of the tallest building looks different from each side. In the central part, it has a characteristic convexity, which is emphasised by the silver-coloured cladding. The construction work has already been completed and it is likely that the project will be completed later this year.

source: Olszynki Park, Apklan

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