They didn’t want to damage the roots, so they suspended the pavement above the ground

To the eyes of pedestrians, it is just an ordinary pavement, but to the tree – something special. A ramp pavement was built on Bożena Street in Szczecin. It was suspended above the ground so as not to damage the root system.

At, we like to showcase urban interventions that are worth emulating. One such is the construction of a tree-friendly pavement in Szczecin. The pavement was laid on Bożena Street. In order to protect the tree from damage, it was decided to suspend the pedestrian route “in the air”.

Looking at the pavement, you might think that it is like hundreds of others in the city. However, its fragment is completely different.

In a short section near a tree root system, the pavement has been routed above the ground. Pavementslabs have been laid over the steel truss and the whole thing looks the same as the rest of the p avement,” says Piotr Zielinski, the City’s spokesman for investments.

The pavement has been laid on a special steel structure that floats several tens of centimetres above the soil. This will allow the tree to grow as before. The hollow space left under the slabs will allow air and water to flow freely.

The investment was carried out as part of the reconstruction of a section of Bożena Street on the side of 1 Maja Street. It is a new road that will allow residents to access the ‘Water Factory’, the new aquapark that has just opened.

The contractor is the Road and Construction Company MTM SA. The cost of the works is more than PLN 13.5 million gross. The implementation of the investment is supervised by Szczecińskie Inwestycje Miejskie Sp. z o.o.

source: Szczecińskie Inwestycje Miejskie

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