They fit into any interior. MONPELLI collection from Ceramika Paradyż

Picturesque, narrow streets, full of warm, sunburnt colours of earth and sky. The atmospheric cafes bustling with bustle and the old manufactories of the Mediterranean coastline – all this prompts us to create our own oasis of tranquil interiority in the MONPELLI style.

The MONPELLI collection refers to the traditional artisanal process of ceramic production: small sizes, brick shapes, suggesting the traces of human hands and imperfect forms through hand glazing. Unusual structures, lustre and a very rich colour palette; from greys through beiges, terracotta, purple reds to deep, saturated blues and greens, allow for unobvious compositions. This is the ideal collection for both lovers of the Mediterranean climate and enthusiasts of innovative design.

The colours of your own space

The style of soothing subdued japanese or the Mediterranean style, soaked in the colours of the sun, has already fully established itself in Polish interiors. The MONPELLI tile fits into each of these solutions. Comfort, functionality and asceticism of form, combined with the use of a structured tile in white or delicate Ash grey, complemented by Ivory colours, guarantee full relaxation and peace in the interior. The characteristic brick finish, reminiscent of the craftsmanship of human hands, is a nod to the cult of the beauty of imperfection and a departure from perfectly straight forms in favour of a soft sensual edge hidden in the form of the tile. The aforementioned japanese is characterised by a Zen subtlety, a focus on peace and tranquillity that we can achieve by being in this interior. In contrast to the soothing Japanese harmony, we can juxtapose the explosive and colourful Memphis style. Increasingly appearing in public interiors (cafés, hotels) and slowly making its way into living rooms. Full of geometric patterns, strong and pastel colours used in contrasting combinations, it plays with form and unobvious format. The classic brick with an organic texture is broken by a composition with structured, appetising ‘biscuits’ in convex or concave versions.

There are so many possibilities to play with the MONPELLI collection! Whether monochrome finishes in a Scandi style or the use of Wine, Olive or Terra colours in the Mediterranean atmosphere of seaside villas. Structures, textures, a rich palette of 12 colours and sensual finishes are what the full range of the collection offers, whose versatility is thus unique – says Agata Brodzka, Marketing Director at Ceramika Paradyż.

Formats and structures

The uniqueness of MONPELLI wall tiles is expressed in the small formats and organic structures. The 6.5×29.8 cm brick with a basic glossy surface and the 19.8×29.8 cm incised mosaic, as well as 5 intriguing structures, are perfectly in line with the latest trends. The mix and match concept allows any combination of tiles within the collection, as well as other products from Ceramika Paradyż. The intriguing juxtaposition of small formats with impressive MONUMENTAL line tiles or TRI-D quartz sinters is an expression of an avant-garde approach to the design process. This freedom in the combination and arrangement of the well thought-out elements of the collection, results in a virtually infinite number of arrangements. This makes it possible to create highly individual eye-catching designs as well as more subdued and timeless compositions. MONPELLI is a combination of bold design and the latest trends.

My space

The collection is thoroughly sensory. It works on the emotions, appeals to memories of travel, childhood and the family home, strongly engaging the sense of sight and touch. Cohesive, compact, complete and timeless, it is perfect both as a base for a large area and as a phenomenal decorative element. Each tile is an opportunity to individually reflect emotions and dare to create your own cosy space. Inspiration from the south of Europe creates interiors that will reflect individual style and, above all, a wonderful experience.

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