They took care of every detail. Warm flat in Wrocław

It is tiny, but provides everything necessary for comfortable living. The warm colours collected here make the flat easy to arrange.You only need to add a few new colour accents to give it a completely different character

The premises were designed by architects from RYS Studio. the space was immortalised in photographs by the ZASOBY Studio team. The presented flat has an area of 28 square metres and is located in Wrocław

When working on the design of this interior, the architects used the term ‘Memoire Apartment’. This name was taken from the lamps used in the project. The flat has a simple and clear functional layout. It consists of a kitchen area combined with a washbasin and an open-plan bedroom. The bedroom is separated from the bathroom by a glass shower wall. The dominant material in the bathroom and kitchen is Prada Gold stone, which takes on a bluish hue when combined with the blue veneer

A large number of reflective surfaces and mirrors help to make the most of natural light. The sun’s rays penetrate through the window, which faces north

This is a short-term rental flat, managed by the interior designers. The architects run the apart hotel visiting flats, where some of the flats are theirs. They treat these spaces as a living advertisement for their services and a showroom for designed furniture

design: RYS Studio


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