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This is the railway of the future. Europe’s first Hyperloop test track opened

The Hyperloop test track has opened in Ottobrunn near Munich. It is admittedly a short section, but it will allow us to test how the vehicle and the tunnel behave during the journey. The tests will enable the design of a longer section to be developed

The design work for the test track took almost three years. To this end, the university launched the TUM Hyperloop research programme, and it was preceded by the initiative of students who submitted their project to the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod competition organised by Elon Musk. Their project won, so the university authorities decided to develop it further

The first fruit of the scientists’ and students’ work is the Hyperloop test track in Ottobrunn near Munich. The route is already certified to allow passengers to travel on the vehicle. This is only a formal matter because the test tunnel is only 24 metres long

Such a short section is enough to run the vehicle in it and check how it behaves during driving. Scientists will analyse the tightness of the tunnel and the strength of the entire structure

photo Andreas Heddergott / TUM

The next item to be tested is the ‘wagon’ itself. This is a tiny capsule that is called a POD. The capsule uses magnetic levitation technology. Its streamlined shape gives the impression of a miniature ICE train. For the time being, the capsule can accommodate five people and has swivel seats, tables and decorative elements in the form of plants (succulents). The whole thing looks futuristic inside

You can see the test drive in the short video

The future? Researchers at the University of Munich want to build a longer section of the route within ten years, which will allow passengers to travel at speeds of up to around 850 km/h

photo: Andreas Heddergott / TUM

source: Technical University of Munichm, TUM Hyperloop (

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