Toast in Praga! We take a look inside the new restaurant

Here you can eat seasonal ‘plates’ and enjoy a wine tasting in the evening. The Toast restaurant is located in Warsaw’s Praga district.The atmospheric interior of the restaurant is the responsibility of the Dash Interiors studio.

Toast is a small place, but with a great interior! The eclectic space was created in collaboration between the architects and the investor. The Toast restaurant is based on a concept that involves serving small dishes in which seasonal ingredients play an important role.

When we heard about this concept, we agreed to work with the owners of Toast, we simply felt it. When we were creating this place, our main thought was that the atmosphere of the interior should reflect the main ideas of the owners,” say Daria Wachowicz and Martyna Kupis.

The architects wanted to create a space which would be minimalist in form, but which, by juxtaposing simple forms with refined textures, colours and patterns, would be perceived as relaxed and cosy.

We created the project very intuitively, and working on it was so creative and enjoyable that we relaxed while doing it,” admit the designers.

The ascetic space has been filled with bold elements. The central position in the space is occupied by an oval-shaped main table. The table combines a strong and expressive pattern on the tabletop, which is juxtaposed with a distinctive base. On one side, it is a mirrored leg in the form of a cuboid, and on the other a cylinder that supports the structure, its colour referring to the patterns on the tabletop.

The wood used in the arrangement is meant to warm up the space. Hence, the idea of a wooden, curved bar and the introduction of a chevron. Design fans will certainly notice the A. Jacobsen chairs. Jacobsen. The chairs are juxtaposed with other models, which give the interior a vintage feel. The whole is complemented by tall chequered plinths, timeless marble tables, blue on the ceiling and claret in the other part of the premises.

The whole is crowned with lighting. It is discreet and creates a cosy atmosphere. You can feel the good energy here, which is what the designers wanted most!


About the studio

Dash Interiors is an in-house studio that specialises in interior design. The studio’s portfolio includes realisations of both single-family houses, flats and public spaces such as restaurants. The studio is led by Daria Wachowicz and Martyna Kupis. We have previously published articles by Dash Interiors on a number of occasions; selected projects can be found HERE.

design: Dash Interiors

photo: Mood Authors

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