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Two important streets in Warsaw will undergo a metamorphosis. This is how Odolany is changing!

Reconstruction of Ordona Street and Jana Kazimierza Street is underway. The changes that have taken place in recent years in Wola, and in particular in Odolany, have forced the authorities to rebuild and modernise two important streets. As a result, the asphalt will be replaced, pavements and bays will be repaired. There will also be new pedestrian crossings, traffic lights and a lot of greenery.

Reconstruction of Ordona street in Warsaw

The long-awaited reconstruction of Ordona Street is about to begin. One of the most important and, at the same time, most degraded streets in Odolanów will receive a new surface, parking will be sorted out, cycle lanes will be created and there will be more greenery.

Odolany is an area that is undergoing some of the most dynamic changes in the whole of Warsaw. For many years it was dominated by industrial plants, some of which are still in operation. Ultimately, however, the area is to be used exclusively for residential development – in recent years, housing estates have been built here that are already inhabited by several thousand people

The road network has to be adapted to such changes. That is why, at the beginning of July, the Capital City Roads Authority began the reconstruction of Jana Kazimierza Street. The next street to undergo a metamorphosis is Ordona Street. – In this way, we will renovate the traffic backbone of the Odolany estate, whose expansion is planned for at least the next dozen years,” says Michał Olszewski, Vice-President of the City of Warsaw

Thanks to the planned changes, both streets in Odolany will be transformed into local routes, providing their residents with safety and comfort, as well as more greenery and less noise. – This is the fulfilment of one of the promises made to residents by both the Warsaw Council and the Wola District Board and local councillors. In addition, we have also recently inaugurated the rebuilding of Jana Kazimierza Street, and work is well advanced on the construction of a new tram line along Kasprzaka Street.notes Krzysztof Strzałkowski, Mayor of Wola

The historic, but in many places already dilapidated cobblestones in Ordona street are entered in the register of monuments. The presence of cobblestones is all the more troublesome as, in addition to cars, heavy goods vehicles travel on them. This generates tremendous noise, which residents have repeatedly complained about. The assumptions are that Ordona Street will be rebuilt on the cobbled section between Stańczyka Street and the building numbered 5B. Today, this space is completely degraded and devoid of any organisation

In order to be able to renovate the street, it was necessary to obtain conservation recommendations. Thanks to good cooperation with the Mazovian Provincial Conservator of Monuments, it was possible to work out a mutually satisfactory solution

The historic paving, as agreed with the conservator, will be protected and covered with asphalt. This will ensure that drivers will move on an even and quiet surface. However, the historic pavement will be visible in the parking lanes – but it will be repaired beforehand

There will be new greenery in the wide lane dividing the two carriageways, as well as along the single carriageway and pavements. In addition to thousands of shrubs and perennials, trees will also be planted. There will be a total of 40 of them – common maples, red chestnut trees and small-leaved lime trees. This means that there will be a total of 64 trees on the section to be rebuilt – 40 new trees and 24 existing trees

– Ordona Street is currently dominated by concrete and stone. There are also lawns in places. Such extensive changes related to greenery will make the area pleasant, quiet and very green ,” stresses Renata Niewitecka, Chairwoman of the Environment Committee in the Warsaw Council

Drivers, both local residents and visitors, keeping their cars on Ordona Street are asked to pay particular attention to the new signs. The work in its various stages will also include areas where cars are currently parked. In order to carry them out, it is necessary to repark these vehicles. As a last resort, they may also be removed from the site

In addition to an even and quiet road surface, parking is also planned to be sorted out – drivers will be provided with parking bays, the surface of which will be made of historic cobblestone. By removing some of the seldom-used so-called turnstiles, more legal spaces will be created

Pedestrians and cyclists will also be able to count on improvements. Cracked and deteriorated paving slabs will be replaced with new ones. Cyclists, on the other hand, will gain cycle lanes in both directions – these will be an extension of the already existing roads (on the northern section of the street)

Redundant old concrete lamp posts will also disappear from the lane between the carriageways to make way for additional greenery. Work on the ground began today just with their removal. The road is already being illuminated by efficient and energy-saving SAVA LED luminaires mounted on lanterns at the outer edge of the carriageway. In the interests of aesthetics, the replacement of the poles themselves is still planned

Reconstruction of Jana Kazimierza Street in Warsaw

The reconstruction of Jana Kazimierza Street has started. The road will get a new face and will be adapted to the changes that Odolany has undergone in recent years, changing from an industrial to a residential area. The roadway, pavements and exits to properties will be rebuilt along its entire length. There will also be a new cycle path and comfortable parking spaces. The works will culminate in new greenery, which residents have been calling for.

The temporary traffic organisation is divided into stages so that the ongoing construction work has as little impact as possible on everyday life. – says Michał Olszewski, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw. This reconstruction is another sign of the coming good transport changes in Odolany. I would like to remind you that the construction of a tram route on Kasprzaka Street is already advanced. The announced project to rebuild Ordona street is also in the pipeline. – adds

The entire length of Jana Kazimierza Street will be rebuilt with a roadway, pavements and exits to properties. A road for bicycles will also be created. Parking spaces will be designated in parking bays. Traffic calming elements in the form of 2.5 m wide traffic islands will be used at crossings. The redevelopment of Jana Kazimierza Street is such an important and large project that it was decided to consult the residents. Almost 200 different postulates were received during the meetings. During the consultation, residents paid particular attention to new greenery. This is why as many as 250 new trees will be planted, including a plane tree, a small-leaved lime tree and a maple tree. There will also be thousands of shrubs and perennials and flower meadows. The total area to be planted is more than 22,000 square metres

Odolany is an area that is undergoing dynamic changes. It used to be dominated by industrial plants, most of which still operate here. – Next to them, a number of housing estates have been built in recent years, housing several thousand people. The road network also needs to be adapted to these changes,” says Krzysztof Strzałkowski, Mayor of Wola. – The planned modernisation of Jana Kazimierza Street will transform it into a local thoroughfare, providing safety and comfort for residents, more greenery and less noise, adds Strzałkowski

The contractor, Strabag Polska, has 20 months for the entire work from the moment the contract was signed, which was in May. The value of the entire contract is PLN 35 million. This price does not include only the simple replacement of the road surface. The street will undergo a real qualitative change in terms of safety, the amount of greenery or the quality of lighting. This is particularly important as the neighbourhood has developed significantly in recent years. Dense housing has sprung up, and the new residents are often families with children. – Karolina Gałecka, deputy director of the Municipal Roads Authority, sums up

The reconstruction of Ordona Street and Jana Kazimierza Street will certainly improve transport in Odolany, as well as its aesthetics

Source: zdm.waw.pl

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