Visual identity of the Łowicz District with German Design Award

The Leniva° Studio team received an award in the German Design Awards competition organised by the German Design Council for the development of the visual identity of the Łowicz district. The comprehensive branding prepared by Leniva° Studio is not only a proposal for a new logotype, but also a full, functional system that effectively streamlines and unifies the activities of district units. The realisation was commissioned by the Poviat Starosty and the Centre for Culture, Tourism and Promotion of the Łowicz Land.

The identification perfectly reflects the key elements of the region’s positioning, focusing on culture and folklore. It is an adaptation of the district’s characteristics to contemporary realities, enabling authentic and consistent communication.

Lena Mitkowa, managing director of Leniva° Studio, emphasises: “The work of designing communication, especially visual communication, always starts with a strategy. In the case of the district-wide identity project, the key step was to develop a brand strategy and decide with the client on the most relevant elements visible and understandable to the audience. The next step was to create a design that is not only credible and emotive, but also engaging. Ultimately, the functionality and scalability of the system became a priority.

The identity’s leitmotif was based on traditional Łowicz cut-outs, which the designers transformed into a functional form that allows for a wide range of applications. The modularity of the design allows for the creation of various sign variants, which resulted in a generator allowing for the creation of more than 40 unique signs derived from a common core. The branding itself was divided into two coherent but distinct parts – Łowicki Powiat and Łowickie.

A characteristic element of the identification are traditional Łowicki cut-outs, which were transformed by the designers into a functional form allowing for their wide use. A modular graphic system was created, which creates many possibilities for creating sign variants and a variety of solutions.

Mariusz Neonov Mitek and Kamil Przybyla – Leniva Studio

The German Design Awards have existed since 1969 and have been awarded by the German Design Council since 2012. The aim of the award is to support various transformational challenges through design, providing inspiration for others. Now more than ever, meeting today’s demands means focusing on society and the impact that products and services have on it. The award ceremony took place in Frankfurt am Main at the end of January, and the award-winning identity for the Łowicz District was also on display at the accompanying gala exhibition.

Leniva° Studio combines competence in strategy and design with a specialisation in building visual identities and design systems. Amongst others, the studio is responsible for the identification of the Polish pavilion at Expo Dubai, the branding of Gemini Pharmacies and Ulrich Gardens in Warsaw.

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