Water Artistry in Gdańsk. This is the new headquarters of the Institute of Urban Culture

Its official opening will take place on the weekend of 22-24 September 2023. Water Artistry is the new home of the Institute of Urban Culture in Gdansk.It will host events for residents and local artists

The Water Artistry is located at 11 Targ Rakowy, an attractive location that is easily accessible from various corners of the city. The Cultural Information Point will operate on the ground floor. Here you will be able to find out about the offer of all the city’s institutions and also sit down with a laptop to do some work

The Institute of Urban Culture is an institution that has been working for several years close to the residents of Gdańsk. It offers events that explore the city through art, literature, social activities and activities in the urban space. Streetwaves, NARRACJE or Local Guides show the potential of many neighbourhoods and strong local communities that actively build culture in Gdansk. In the new headquarters of the IKM – in the Water Craft building at 11 Targ Rakowy Street – we are gaining a new space for development, cultural participation, meetings and the presentation of new initiatives,” says Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, Mayor of Gdańsk

The design of the building was created by Studio Kwadrat. The designers gave the building a dark façade, which corresponds to the historical buildings in the neighbourhood. Inside, there will be an auditorium for regular film screenings, meetings and literary festivals. It will also be a venue for lectures and conferences. The building will have three training rooms and a bookshop. The City Bistro will also operate here

We will continue our current cycles here – Miastoprojekcje, in which we present author-selected documentaries and films on the city, urban planning and architecture, Non-fiction, in which a book is the starting point for a discussion on current topics, and lectures in the series, ” says Aleksandra Szymańska, director of the Institute of Urban Culture

An interesting feature will be a model of the contemporary city centre of Gdańsk. Thanks to the model, it will be easier to plan the route of the city tour. The design of the building was created in 2012 and won first prize in an international competition organised by SARP

design: Studio Kwadrat

photo: Dominik Paszliński, gdansk.pl

source: Institute for Urban Culture(www.ikm.gda.pl)

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