When design goes hand in hand with technology. The new Bespoke Jet hoover

A few days ago, Samsung unveiled the latest and most powerful upright hoover in its portfolio – the Bespoke Jet™ AI with up to 280 watts of suction power. Thanks to its advanced technology, ordinary cleaning can become more fun. What does the new appliance offer?

For a long time, the upright hoover was associated with an additional appliance that would never replace the main hoover in the home. Samsung is changing the thinking about cordless hoovers with its range of powerful upright hoovers. The latest Bespoke Jet AI model is the smartest and most powerful hoover in Samsung’s range, with which cleaning is intuitive, effective, hygienic and to top it off, smart

The Bespoke Jet AI sets itself apart from its predecessors in the Bespoke Jet range with several important features and technologies. First of all, this smart upright hoover is equipped with a HexaJet motor that generates up to 730 W of suction power of up to 280 W. This makes it the most powerful cordless hoover of all Samsung hoovers to date. Two batteries are included, with a total run time of up to 160 minutes – that’s up to almost 3 hours of non-stop vacuuming!

What’s more, vacuuming with the latest model takes on a whole new dimension thanks to AI technology. In AI vacuuming mode, the appliance recognises the type of surface and adapts the suction power to it, allowing you to vacuum for longer on a single charge, and we don’t have to switch between modes when changing from carpet to tile, for example. Meanwhile, linking the hoover to the SmartThings app provides self-diagnostics and real-time monitoring of energy consumption. It also allows you to personalise your settings and monitor your vacuuming history

Speaking of the vacuuming process itself – it is impossible to ignore the set of specialised nozzles that make it possible for the appliance to reach every nook and cranny. The Active Dual LED AI electro-brush ensures effective vacuuming of different types of surfaces, and the built-in LED light helps you see dust in every darkest place, such as behind a wardrobe or sofa. The Slim LED AI power brush, on the other hand, has a highly manoeuvrable design and allows you to thoroughly clean even the finest dust in narrow spaces

Of particular note is the Pet Tool nozzle, which effectively removes even fine hair from sofas, chairs, mattresses or bedding, and whose design prevents hair tangling. This is great news for all pet owners who want to enjoy a clean home

The all-in-one station in Samsung’s Bespoke Jet cordless hoovers is a market differentiator and a unique technology from the manufacturer. It is what makes the vacuuming process more convenient, but is above all more hygienic. And it’s all thanks to Air Pulse technology for the automatic emptying of the dirt container. The Bespoke Jet™ AI station, on the other hand, has been improved with Air Spin Edge technology – a mechanism that spins at up to 1,000 rpm, making it easier to remove even entangled hair. In addition, the station is equipped with a multi-layer filter that traps up to 99.999% of dust particles

In addition, both the station and the entire housing of the Bespoke hoovers feature a unique design that makes the appliance a natural part of the interior design – no matter what style of home we have

But the Bespoke Jet AI is not the only innovation that Samsung is introducing to its portfolio. Now, all the hoovers in the Jet line have been improved with several important features. First and foremost, the Pet Tool tip has been improved so pet owners can get rid of hair from the floor and furniture even more effectively. It also prevents hair tangling

This is not the only nozzle that has been added to the Jet hoovers. Selected models now also include the Slim nozzle with integrated LED lighting. The design has also been improved. Now customers for newly sold hoovers can also choose a hoover in a graphite finish and a filter housing in Bespoke colours. All hoovers have an increased suction power of up to 210 watts

source: Samsung press materials

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