Your dream workplace? The JIC Innovation Centre is like a gallery with design!

It is located in Brno, Czech Republic. The South Moravian JIC Innovation Centre was designed by a team of architects from the KOGAA studio. This is the second project of its kind in Brno, during which new life was breathed into an old space

The JIC Innovation Centre is a place where students and start-ups can find space to work, but not only. The institution provides substantive and financial support so that young entrepreneurs can realise projects and deliver products and services to the market that were not previously available

The idea of redeveloping the space emerged during the pandemic. The aim was to create a space that would respond to the needs of working together in larger teams. The new space was to foster collaborative meetings and provide a sense of openness and creativity. The investor therefore turned to architects from the KOGAA studio, which already has non-standard office space projects in its portfolio

The architects’ concept was to tear down the partition walls and replace them with streamlined glass walls. In this way, rooms were built to accommodate conference rooms and group work stations. The emphasis on transparency was deliberate. The architects wanted to influence creativity in this way and encourage relationships between people. They have also introduced a colour division – the blue area is for quiet one-on-one work, while the red and orange spaces were created for workshops

As part of the new arrangement, a start-up zone has been set up on the ground floor, with a coworking area, while the upper floors serve the JIC team and offer space for companies on long-term lease

Interestingly, the design uses some of the furniture that came from the old office. Similarly, the lighting – these are solutions from the previous offices. In addition, a glass partition has appeared between the ground floor and the ground floor to reduce heat loss

As the space is intended to attract creative entrepreneurs and start-ups, a colourful installation was created in part of the ground floor to emphasise the values behind the Innovation Centre. Lighting fixtures made of coloured plexiglass run all day and cast different colours on the surrounding space, the architects describe

The result is a space that the architects describe as a ‘home for innovation’

design: KOGAA

photos: BoysPlayNice(

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