port rzeczny w parku żerańskim

Żerań Park in Warsaw. The contract for the park has been signed!

The Żerański Park in Warsaw will be built in Białołęka, on the western bank of the Żerań Canal – from Modlińska Street to Płochocińska Street. The newly developed area will cover an area of approximately 13 hectares. The construction of the park has been divided into two stages. As part of the first stage, the area will receive a lot of new greenery. Almost 500 trees, over 1,000 shrubs and more than 36,000 perennials will be planted!

The design of the new park was created in cooperation between the two studios TopoScape and Archigrest. Żerań Park is to be the largest park in this part of Warsaw. It will be created on an area located on the western bank of the Żerań Canal – from Modlińska Street to Płochocińska Street. In addition to plenty of greenery, a new infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists, boulevards, a marina and dining, service and retail facilities are to be created at Żerański Park

Żerań Park will be built on an area located on the western bank of the Żerań Canal – from Modlińska Street to Płochocińska Street. The development of the park will refer to the industrial character of the area (including the unfinished river harbour and former prefabrication plants). An important element will be the preservation and introduction of new ecological niches. Native and non-invasive trees will be planted in the park, there will also be complementary plantings and the existing stand of trees will be maintained.

“This will be the largest park in our district, and it will be located in one of the most charming places in Bialoleka. I am happy to see the project I have been striving for since the beginning of managing the district materialise. Białołęka, which is developing at a fast pace, needs recreational areas, so every such place is worth its weight in gold,”says Grzegorz Kuca, the mayor of Białołęka.

There will be little interference in the northern part of the park – the area will be secured and tidied up. However, the southern part will be developed. It is here that a network of pedestrian and bicycle paths, playgrounds made of natural materials, gyms and a dog zone will be created. There will also be pavilions with refreshment facilities, which will interlink with the park space through open courtyards with gardens, terraces and pergolas.

Park Żerański w Warszawie. Powstanie nowy teren zielony

Żerań Park – construction contract signed

The construction of Żerański Park – the only park in the capital with a shoreline open to the public – will begin as early as November. Apart from new and varied greenery, you will also benefit from piers, bicycle paths and a rope park. We have just signed a contract for the development with Inmel. More than 44,000 m2 will be covered with meadows and grassland, and another 7,000 m2 with lawns. In addition, there will be additional greenery in the park thanks to an agreement with the Gas Transmission Operator GAZ-SYSTEM

“You will be able to relax in recreational glades with platforms and shelters and make use of a new network of pedestrian and cycle paths. A rope park will be built with younger Varsovians in mind. As part of this phase of the works, the first platforms, among others, will appear in the park.” – reads the website of the Warsaw Urban Greenery Management Board

Completion of stage I of the works is planned for early 2025. In the same year, the second stage of the investment will begin, as part of which the waterfront will be made more attractive – additional piers will be built

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