55-metrowe mieszkanie nad jeziorem Ukiel w Olsztynie.

a 55-square-metre flat on Lake Ukiel in Olsztyn.

the 55-square-metre flat on Lake Ukiel in Olsztyn called ‘M | 55 m2’ is a beauty of harmony and subtle forms juxtaposed with classics. The realisation by Kaja Dębska and Patrycja Paś-Gürtler from the LoveTo design studio delights with its simplicity, while not being a bland interior. Kaja and Patrycja managed to make the interior dynamic by introducing details and decors. The interior was photographed by the reliable Hanna Połczyńska (Kroniki Studio).

As the architects themselves say, the starting point for the design was an in-depth conversation with the investor, who had clear expectations of the interior, as well as the functional layout itself.

“In order to adapt the flat to the investor’s needs, we introduced a number of changes to the functional layout. As part of the project, we gave up an extra room which allowed us to obtain a spacious living area combined with a kitchenette, a more comfortable bedroom, a bathroom, as well as technical and wardrobe rooms.” – say the architects from the LoveTo design studio

A huge plus of the changes in the functional layout, which the investor decided on, is obtaining an open living zone and introducing more daylight into the interior. The flat is located close to a forest, thanks to which the windows in the living room and a small terrace overlook the greenery, which is rarely seen in new construction. Due to the investor’s frequent absence from the country, we decided not to use green plants in the design. In order to maintain harmony and to integrate the interior of the flat with nature outside the window, we opted for materials in earthy colours in M|55: furniture fittings in broken white and walnut wood and natural accessories such as linen curtains, woollen carpet and accessories.

Kaja i Patrycja, założycielki pracowni LoveTo design

“We wanted the design to be minimalistic but also cosy. One of the most interesting solutions used in the living area is to enclose a section of the structural wall with a simple furniture box with a bookcase and mirror. This allows for a subtle separation of the living room from the open vestibule. We optically enlarged the narrow corridor through the use of mirrors embedded in wood-like panels mounted to the wall. The resulting ‘cubicle’ conceals the flight of the staircase leading to the flat on the first floor. We arranged the small space under the stairs for a laundry room.” – add the architects

This is another solution that has made great use of the flat’s potential. The functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions and carefully selected finishing materials reflect the individuality of the investor, who lives in the Emirates on a daily basis. Timeless materials and high-quality furniture will serve her for many years. Modern yet cosy, the flat is an ideal ‘oasis’ for relaxation during her stays in Poland.

How do you like the 55-square-metre flat on Lake Ukiel by Kai and Patrycja?

Design and styling: Kaja Dębska and Patrycja Paś-Gürtler / LoveTo design / http://loveto.design/
Photos: Hanna Połczyńska / chronicles / https://www.kroniki.studio/

About the studio:
LoveTo design – “many years ago we were brought together by friendship and a shared passion for interior design, which became the perfect foundation for cooperation. Our duo is a combination of thoughtful functionality and good design. We are defined by the pursuit of precision in every detail while maintaining individuality. We are graduates of PJATK and the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. We have gained experience in Warsaw design offices while simultaneously carrying out our own projects. We are constantly looking for new inspirations and ideas so we participate in numerous trade fairs and events. Your satisfaction is most important to us. We work with private individuals as well as larger developers. We carry out complex projects and arrangements of individual rooms. We are distinguished by our individual approach to each client. Our projects are always tailored to the investor’s budget possibilities. We cooperate on the basis of a business contract, which ensures mutual fulfilment of the principles of cooperation and provides a guarantee of quality and timeliness. We have a proven portfolio of contractor teams with whom we work. We cannot imagine designing for you, without you. Together, we look for solutions that will impress with their quality but are also functional. What matters to us is the comfort of our work and mutual satisfaction with the activities undertaken. We carry out each stage together, taking a flexible approach to any suggestions that arise. We consider the end result successful when the client realises our project in its entirety.” – reads the LoveTo design studio website(http://loveto.design)

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