A modern marina in Tychy. This is what it will look like!

A marina will be built in Tychy as an area open to all residents. The city has already signed a contract for the works

The design of the marina was prepared by architects from the RS Robert Skitek studio. Its construction will begin next to Lake Paprocany. It will take the form of a walking path, which will be laid out on the roof of the facility, below which infrastructure for small vessels will be built

Construction of the modern water sports marina is expected to take two years. The marina will consist of a training and storage area. The whole will be complemented with piers, walking paths and elements of small architecture – benches, bicycle racks and lighting. The investment will be realised in the place where a sailing club previously operated

Architects from the RS Robert Skitek studio designed the marina in a minimalist form that fits in with the coastline. The building has a streamlined shape and is not a barrier, but simply part of the lake development

Unfortunately, the construction of the marina will involve the felling of trees that interfere with the development (mainly for the access road). In their place, replacement greenery will be planted, as part of the so-called ‘ecological compensation’. In place of the felled trees new plants will be planted (e.g. oaks, beeches, hornbeams, maples, lime trees or elm trees) in order to maintain the natural balance,” reads the communiqué of the Tychy Municipal Office

This is the final part of the development of this part of Lake Paprocany, which includes a promenade, a bathing area and piers. The area towards the hunting lodge in Promnice will remain more ‘wild’ and undeveloped

The new marina in Tychy is expected to cost PLN 23 million. The contractor is the company Przedsiębiorstwo Budowlane Mazur Sp. z o.o

source: RS Robert Skitek(www.rsplus.pl)

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