A simple house in Toruń. A modern swimming pool has been designed in the garden

The house was designed on an urban plot in Toruń. Its design was created by Mikstura Architekci studio. It is a difficult neighbourhood with rather chaotic buildings and building styles. The architects wanted the designed house to soften the flamboyant image of the area.

The plot on one side offers an attractive view of the lake with a southern exposure. On the other hand, it is quite narrow, which limits the design possibilities. The shape of the house was created in response to this – it makes use of the development space to the full, adapting the functional programme to the potentials and risks of each side of the plot.

The architects from Mikstura studio proposed a simple shape, which provides the householders with a sense of privacy. The visibility of the interior from the street is very limited, but it is completely different from the garden side – the living room is distinguished here by its large glazing. The doors can be easily slid open, enlarging the living area with a terrace. At the same time, the sculpted canopy protects the interior from intense sunlight. Just outside the windows, there is a terrace and a treat for fans of water entertainment – the swimming pool.

Thanks to the atrium, all rooms in the functionally rich living area remain exposed to light from both sides.

The private area is located on the first floor. From the bedrooms, access is provided to another terrace – on the roof, which allows a view of the lake from a greater height. It is also possible to relax there in the shade of the tree crown.

The house combines the textural materials of structured decorative plaster and brick, both in earthy colours, with elements of black metal and micro-cement. The characteristic motif of ‘tying’ the high brick walls with black lintels emphasises the role of the ground floor in the composition of the mass, visually increasing the already high glazing,” describe the authors of the project.

On the one hand, the building provides privacy and presents itself to visitors from a formal, elegant perspective, while on the other hand, it cultivates openness towards the outside and encourages users to interact at the terraces with their varied contact with the natural surroundings.

design: Mikstura Architekci

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