V9 Koramic, Dom na przyszłość wg projektu LK&PROJEKT dla Wienerberger

A tile designed by Studio F. A. Porsche. It is a minimalist and timeless design

The new model of Koramic V9 tiles was created in cooperation between Wienerberger and the famous Studio F. A. Porsche, who had previously designed the unique, patented Koramic V11 tile pattern (we wrote about it HERE). The new V9 is larger than its prototype and offers new possibilities for building decoration

The designers of Studio F. A. Porsche wanted to create simple and modern tiles that respond to the contemporary minimalist trend in architecture. A kind of ‘modesty’ allows the effect of harmony and uniformity of the mass, including the roof slope, to be achieved. For designers, for whom the smallest detail matters, the choice of this type of covering is key to achieving a perfect effect. Therefore, with the development of modern architecture, the appearance of tiles is also changing. The latter are growing in size, present innovative designs and are even better suited to the requirements of modern building projects. An example is the large-format V9 tile by Koramic, which is distinguished by its unusual design and meets the expectations of demanding builders

The essence of modern design

The unique appearance of the Koramic V9 tile is due to the first design collaboration in the history of the Wienerberger company with Studio F. A. Porsche. The main distinguishing feature of this model is the patented and unavailable to other manufacturers “V” shape, which is an important design and decorative feature. On the one hand, it ensures optimum drainage from the slope, while on the other, it guarantees an amazing effect and play of light. This subtly blending with the aesthetics of the building and timeless architectural element, used for the first time in the V11 tile, has already won the internationally recognised German Design Award 2020 in the category “Excellent product design – building and elements”. The Koramic V9 tile is thus a real “pearl” among roofing materials, which combines functionality with unique design

Koramic V11 or V9 – what are the differences?

Presented in 2021, the Koramic V11 model is identical to the brand’s latest offering, the V9, in terms of its design. The main difference is the format. What does it look like in practice? Less than 9 tiles are needed to lay 1m2 of slope. This means that the process of laying a roof is considerably speeded up, which translates into time and price savings

V9 Koramic

Polish production

The Koramic V9 tile is manufactured in Poland, at a plant in Kunice near Legnica. This means a shorter route to the Polish customer, which is important for environmental protection and contributes to changes in the decarbonisation process of the construction industry. By avoiding imports, sourcing the raw material for production locally and using 100 per cent RES-guaranteed electricity for production, the company is reducing its carbon footprint, an important step towards a more sustainable future

More than a tile

The new Koramic V9 tiles are a strong point in Wienerberger’s portfolio. In addition to them, the brand has a variety of clay roof tiles and a whole system of ceramic and technical accessories. Special ceramic roof tiles in shapes such as gable tiles, ventilation tiles and ridge tiles are required for an aesthetically pleasing but also tight finish to the roof slope. All of these will be available for the new V9 model. The latter – technical accessories, although often invisible at first glance, also play a key role in building a durable and safe roof. These include roof membranes, eaves elements, ventilation and sealing strips or chimney protection, fixing systems, snow protection elements and roof communication systems. These products not only protect the roof from adverse weather conditions, but also contribute to effective ventilation and ensure the safety of the roof for many years

Koramic’s full range of products is available at: www.wienerberger.pl

source: Wienerbergerpress materials

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