An ecological table made of paper. It is a project by a Polish designer

The paper table was designed by Sylwia Michalek, a graduate of Interior Design at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Ecology and Management in Warsaw. This is a semester project that she completed in 2020

The presented coffee table made of paper was the subject of a semester project carried out in the third semester of the Interior Design course, from the ‘Furniture’ subject, taught by Karol Żurawski, MA. The task was to create a table/coffee table, using cardboard tubes with a diameter of 8.5 cm, which could be joined together using string or carpenter’s joints

The presented table was made from a dozen specially cut tubes, about 21 cm long, each incised in two places and joined using a method similar to tongue and groove joints

The idea for creating such a model was to achieve an effect of lightness, openwork and even levitation,” explains the designer

The size of the table can be modified by adding more tubes or changing their height. The material for the furniture can be aluminium lacquered in any colour or plastic, e.g. 3D print

Sylwia Michalek graduated from university in 2022, defending her engineering thesis with the Rector’s award. Although Sylwia had already completed her master’s degree at the Silesian Medical University in 2012, it was only later that she realised that her heart beat much faster at the sight of beautiful interiors and architecture than laboratory research instruments

Today, she is already working as a designer. In October 2020, she started working at the design office Kaza Concept, where she is an independent interior designer, overseeing the work of several design teams and many projects commissioned by individual investors. Thanks to these experiences, she has quickly acquired the professional competence and practical knowledge necessary to carry out both creatively and logistically demanding interior projects for flats and houses. The experience allowed her to make a bold decision and establish her own design studio, “Sylwia Michałek Design”

source: Sylwia Michałek

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