Parking automatyczny Tylna Mariacka Fot. UMK

Automated car park in Katowice. It is the most modern in Poland

The automatic car park is located on Mariacka Rear Street in Katowice. Its construction has been completed and tests are now being carried out. In the next step, the car park will be made available to residents

The automatic car park in Katowice is the first public investment of its kind in Poland. Tests will continue until the first of September to check that everything is working as intended

Several dozen people are taking part in the tests and will write a report every day pointing out elements that can be improved. The owners of the business and hotel premises that are located on St Mary’s Street have been invited to test the new car park

The investment will enable 240 vehicles to be parked in an area which would have accommodated just over 40 standard parking spaces. Katowice is thus becoming a pioneer when it comes to developing a small space in a densely built-up city using innovative technologies. We estimate that around November the car park will be commercially available for use by residents,’ says Roman Buła, head of the buildings and roads department

It will be the most modern car park in Poland. It consists of two sets of machines, which operate using an intelligent rotating system and storing vehicles on special platforms. The first set is 67 metres long and has 12 parking modules. The second is 45 metres long and consists of eight modules. Each module has an independent entrance and exit and 12 parking platforms. A total of 240 vehicles can park here

The automatic operation of the car park is ensured by optical and radar sensors and warning signals. This enables the car to be parked safely on the platform

Drivers wishing to use the car park on Rear St. Mary’s must drive onto the special platform, then exit the vehicle and confirm on the control screen that the car has been positioned as instructed. The machine will then already take it to the next level in a completely automated manner. Picking up the car looks analogous – after the payment has been made, the machine will automatically bring the platform on which the car has been left to a level allowing the driver to collect the vehicle,” explains Agnieszka Dutkiewicz, deputy director for technical infrastructure construction at Katowice Investments S.A

photo KAW, source: Katowice City Hall

For the time being, the correct operation of the car park will be supervised. Drivers will be able to connect to the employee responsible for remote operation and assistance at any time. The automatic car park in Katowice is based on a technology called Grand Vertical Parking. It was developed by the Polish company GRAND, which has been operating since 1984

The prototype of the automatic car park has been serving the employees of our company for several years. We are pleased that the technology has been able to be transferred into the public space of the city. The machines are equipped with a number of sensors and safety features that make their use safe for cars and users. We believe that this technology will soon serve other cities that will want to make efficient use of even small spaces amidst urban development,” says Andrzej Grygiel, president of GRAND

In total, the construction of the car park cost 23 million zloty. How much will it cost to park here? As Gazeta Wyborcza reports, an hour of parking is expected to cost 12 PLN. Which makes it probably the most expensive car park in Katowice

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