Café Kosmos in Gdynia with a signboard by Traffic Design

Kosmos is a café located at 25 Starowiejska Street in Gdynia.The minimalist signboard with the name of the establishment was created thanks to the Traffic Design association

The signboard refers to the interior of the premises, which is kept in a vintage style. Previously, the place housed a leatherworker’s shop for several decades. Interestingly, in 2015 Traffic Design also created a new signboard for the leatherworker (its design was created in the studio of Patryk Hardziej and Patrycja Podkościelny)

Keeping in mind the history of the place, the owner of the Kosmos café wanted to preserve much of the original atmosphere of the premises. The more than 30-year-old mosaic, which can be seen in the shop window, plays an important role here. Although the new signboard is minimalist, it has a vintage feel. The idea for the new identity came from Renia Maj

The letter ‘K’ in the name Kosmos is depicted in a form referring to a star. A closer look at the lettering reveals the shiny, stardust-like dotted pattern visible throughout the lettering. Its colour scheme is reminiscent of the original mosaic and the door hilt of the premises. Another element is the spherical semaphore sign, which was also made to refer to celestial bodies

The final piece is the ceramic mugs printed using the sublimation method, which are available for purchase at the café. This allows everyone to take their cosmos with them on the go,” reports Monika Domańska of Traffic Design

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What tasty things can be found inside? Besides coffee and tea, of course, you can find baked goods, the selection of which changes frequently. In the premises, you can try various tarts (for example with mascarpone and white chocolate). The whole is complemented by design elements that can be bought and music – the sounds played from vinyl records resound inside

photo: Rafał Kołsut / Traffic Design

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