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Central Park in Gdynia opened

Its construction was divided into three phases. The Central Park in Gdynia has been fully handed over to residents. It is an attractively located area in the centre, which can become a green flagship of the city

The implementation of the investment was divided into stages due to the scale of the activities. The Central Park in Gdynia is not only a place for walking or physical activity. A car park has been built under a layer of earth that can accommodate 270 cars

The city council refers to the park as ‘the green lungs of Gdynia’. This is one of the largest projects that has been completed in Gdynia in recent years. The official opening of the final, third stage took place on Tuesday 29 August. Residents had been waiting six years for the investment to be completed. The first consultation with residents on the look of the park was carried out as early as 2017. The first phase was delivered in 2019, the second in 2020

The biggest challenge was the implementation of the third phase, which was completed this year. The last phase was the most extensive, with the construction of a pond that will cool the surroundings in summer and turn into an urban ice rink in winter. A new fountain was also built

Not so long ago, a few years ago, the development plans were to have a large shopping centre, a new town hall and a large town square, a market, but the world is changing. In discussions with residents about how to shape this space, the idea of a park was born. (…) The fact that this park was created in consultation makes the park space, the functions, they respond to the needs of different groups. It is very important in the life of the city that we look both at young people who want to spend time actively, hence the jogging path, the path for people who want to go roller-skating, but also the zones for seniors, the zones dedicated to people with disabilities, the accessibility of this facility,” said Wojciech Szczurek, Mayor of Gdynia, during the opening

The new park takes the form of a large green belt and stretches from the intersection of Świętojańska Street and Piłsudski Avenue to the enlarged skatepark. Many zones dedicated to specific activities have been located in the green area. A place for picnics has been marked out, a biological pond has been built, the site of a catering pavilion for coffee and snacks has been marked out and a route for runners has been constructed. The whole is completed with the aforementioned fountain, a winter slide and underground parking for 270 cars. We publish a photo of the car park in the gallery below the article

photo by Przemysław Kozłowski, source: UM Gdynia

The construction of an underground car park is expected to make it easier for all residents to function in the centre. The aesthetics of the centre will also improve – instead of standing in the streets, cars can now safely wait for their owners in hiding

The most important part of the investment, however, is the greenery. Thousands of new trees and shrubs were planted during the construction of the park. Species include plane trees, alders, willows, cherry trees, pine trees and rowan trees. The trees are complemented by new shrubs: hydrangeas, tavelias, Japanese vines, five-leaf grapevines and bulbous plants and flowers. In total, 156 new trees and more than 11,000 shrubs have been planted during the construction of the third phase alone

Budimex is responsible for the construction of the third phase of the park. The investment cost PLN 63.4 million

source: UM Gdynia(

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