City of Sopot to subsidise renovation of pre-war windows

They are a valuable part of old buildings. To ensure that there are as many of them as possible in the city’s landscape, the city of Sopot will subsidise the conservation of pre-war windows. Owners can count on a subsidy of up to 80 per cent.

Owners of pre-war buildings in which old windows have survived to this day can count on a subsidy from the municipal budget. Detailed information can be obtained from the Office of the Conservator of Monuments of the City of Sopot.

There are many factors in favour of preserving old windows. Such windows were made of hardwood, which has lost its ability to conduct water. In addition, the structure of such wood has mineralised over the years. This means that the old wood has become resistant to fungi and to attack by wood-eating insects.

Today’s technology for producing wooden windows differs from that used years ago. In the past, high-quality timber was used, many years old and cut at a specific time, dried for 4 or 5 years and with a fine grain.

It is impossible to overestimate the value of an original, pre-war window. It is, and always will be, more durable than a modern one. The timber used in the old joinery has unique properties that timber sourced and used in our times does not have. In addition, the original closing and opening mechanism is more robust. It can be adjusted and repaired because the metal pins are thicker than those produced today,” informs the Office of the Conservator of Monuments of the City of Sopot.

Additionally, their advantage is their artistic value. Such windows definitely look better in historic buildings, compared to modern solutions. In the past, window details were made by hand. Their modern replicas, on the other hand, are the result of mechanical processing and therefore do not convey the charm and elegance of the details.

As a result, those who decide to restore their old windows can count on 70 or 80 per cent financing.

The conservation work includes cleaning off the paint and repainting and technical repair. The preserved window will be airtight and easy to open.

source: UM Sopot

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