Created from wooden waste. Lessness’ ‘Elements’ furniture collection

Their project was to show how interesting and attractive forms can be created by reaching for discarded pieces of wood. Elements is a collection of recycled furniture prepared by studio Lessness designers. Their premiere took place in November.

The idea behind the design of the Elements furniture is based on the principles of the New European Bauhaus. This is a movement that spreads sustainable lifestyles, combining design, ecology, social accessibility and affordability. The New European Bauhaus is intended to contribute not only to the creation of liveable spaces, but also to the halting or limiting of climate change and, ultimately, environmental catastrophe. The collection was designed by Dominika Strzałka-Rogal and Natalia Horak in collaboration with Emilia Grzesik.

In this project, we believe above all that change starts with the small things we can do: without sacrificing quality and playing with form,’ explain the authors of the collection.

The Elements furniture series was made from locally sourced materials. It is a set of minimalist and simple objects whose main material is wood. This has resulted in stools, seats and tables, which in some pieces of furniture have been complemented with simple glass panes. The furniture has good proportions and consistent detailing that alludes to nature.

The premiere of the collection took place during the environmental conference ‘E-Know – 4 Elements – Man 2050’, which was organised on 16 November 2023 at the Auditorium Maximum of the Jagiellonian University.

It was then that the idea arose to adapt the developed forms to the ergonomics of a contemporary interior and encapsulate them in the form of a small collection, the authors of Elements add.

A characteristic motif of the furniture is the patchwork pattern, which is created from waste good quality beech wood by gluing, cutting and re-gluing offcuts left over from other constructions. The result is a mosaic made from 100 per cent recycled wood. In addition to furniture characterised by a patchwork pattern, there are also items characterised by the smooth texture of solid wood.

The limited series can be purchased on the designers’ website.

design: Lessness(

furniture made by: Stolarnia Modła

photo: Maja Bułkowska(

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