Częstochowa: what will Council of Europe Square look like? Decide which version is better

It is a landmark of the city – the Council of Europe Square is seen by people who come to Częstochowa by train. The square is located right in front of the railway station. The city wants to change its face and is presenting two options for its redevelopment. Residents have until 28 November to decide in favour of one of them

Both concepts for the redevelopment of the square were developed by the Częstochowa-based company TIM Architekci – Małgorzata Małasiewicz and Tomasz Borowiecki. Both concepts assume the introduction of new greenery and elements of small architecture. The surface and lighting will be replaced, and a fountain will appear in the centre

The redevelopment of the square is part of the project ‘Transfer Centres in the City of Częstochowa’, which is to be subsidised from EU funds

The Council of Europe Square is both a representative place of Częstochowa and a transfer centre between the railway station and the tram line. Our expectations were therefore for its space to be more functional, resident-friendly, with more greenery and resting places that can also be used by travellers. In addition, we also wanted a reference to the name of the square, which honours an important European organisation,” says Mayor Krzysztof Matyjaszczyk

This is how the square looks BEFORE the reconstruction

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Variant “A” assumes a geometric organisation of the space, based on a grid of squares. The square is to be complemented by water elements, small architecture, new lighting and urban furniture – bicycle racks. A reference to European symbolism in this concept is the introduction of blue-coloured plants, including evergreens, attractive all year round, and the blue illumination of the squares filled with water

Variant ‘B’, on the other hand, involves keeping the existing pergola overgrown with greenery and using a more free-form composition, with larger patches of low and tall greenery. An important spatial component here is the fountain, around which a bench would be created in the form of the Council of Europe symbol, i.e. the letter ‘e’, as well as 12 water features and fountain backlights referring to the 12 stars of the European flag. In addition, the option includes the installation of new benches

Consistent with the variants are the replacement of the pavement, the installation of new lighting and illumination. Which version is better? The Mayor of Częstochowa invites you to send your opinions by 28 November to the e-mail address We have included a poll below. Let us know which option appeals to you more?

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source: Częstochowa CityHall

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