Domanice Castle has been given a second life. It is a new home for culture and the arts

The fact that Maciej Musiałowski bought the castle in Domanice was reported by many media. Now the new owner has told us what his plans are for the historic building. The old walls have witnessed many historical events.A Festival of the United Arts will soon begin in this unique setting, with artists from all over Poland taking part

The origins of the castle date back to the Middle Ages. That is more than eight hundred years of history and turbulent events. The castle is located in Domanice in Lower Silesia. For many years, it was the seat of the Brandenburg royal family. Its present form was shaped in the 18th century, when the existing knight’s residence was rebuilt. In 1763, another reconstruction was carried out, which gave the building Renaissance elements. A few years later, the Baroque cloisters were built over and the interior of the chateau was rebuilt. The characteristic high tower was built in 1777

Another reconstruction of the castle was carried out at the beginning of the 19th century, when it was given a neo-classical form. After World War II, the building was administered by the state and served as the seat of the House of the Union of Polish Stage Artists. Funds for a comprehensive renovation of the building were in short supply. The Union of Polish Stage Artists limited its activities in maintaining the building to necessary interventions. At that time, the roof was replaced and the structure reinforced, so that the interior was not adversely affected by rain. Inside, one can still admire the original frescoes, stuccowork or stained-glass windows

A highlight of the entire complex is the large park adjacent to the castle. The park contains, among other things, a fountain, outbuildings and outbuildings. The complex also includes a garden pavilion from the 19th century, an outbuilding with stables, a coach house and a blacksmith’s shop

What plans does its owner Maciej Musiałowski have for the castle? We asked him a few questions

Kamil Białas: Have you been looking for a castle for a long time? How did you come across the one in Domanice?

Maciej Musiałowski: I have been looking for a castle all my life. I always knew that I would live in a castle or a palace. I found out about the one in Domanice while browsing through property listings. A few months later I was playing a concert in Wrocław and decided that it would be worth seeing it live

What made you decide to buy this particular building?

I must admit that I had a few castles in mind, and the castle in Domanice did not appeal to me at all. I had previously thought that I would choose a smaller palace located by a lake, and here comes a huge castle… I made the decision to buy it by seeing it live. I felt the place was calling to me

What did you feel when entering the castle for the first time?

I recall that moment with a bit of trepidation. It was the beginning of spring, there was no green yet, the castle looked as if literally no one had lived in it for decades. For the first few months I lived next door, at the Krasków Palace, and visited the castle regularly. I played opera arias inside to wake the castle up from its ‘coma’. Now it looks like a newborn. It’s beautiful inside, lots of sunshine… wonderful!

It’s almost a fairytale atmosphere! However, the whole building is under the protection of the conservation officer and you can’t afford everything. What is it like working with the conservation officer?

I had my first meeting with the conservator even before I bought the castle. I know that when owning such a property I have to preserve its historical value. I was taught respect for old architecture and the art of conservation by my parents. Even as a child I often came into contact with historic buildings. That is why, in the perspective of the castle, we talk about restoration and not renovation, about bringing out the beauty and not imposing modern standards

The castle is now your home. The Musiałowski Family Foundation for Culture and the Arts is also based here. Tell me, what tasks have you set yourselves?

The foundation’s aim is to create an art conservatory for young artists in the castle. The statutory objectives include extracting beauty from the valuable elements, preserving the polychrome and old tiled cookers. A lot of the original furnishings have been preserved inside – mahogany parquet floors, oak doors with gold fittings. I want the castle to become a place that will unite artists of different disciplines. They will get a creative space under one roof, but also a space where they can meet their art patrons


From 25-27 August, the United Arts Festival will take place on the castle grounds. This is an event aimed at artists specialising in a variety of professions. Participants will be able to interact with art, participate in musical activities, watch exhibitions or film screenings. Workshops and panel discussions have been prepared for them

Maciej Musiałowski wants the festival guests to have close contact with the invited artists. The aim? To exchange ideas, broaden horizons, stimulate creativity and the desire to create. The event will feature artists associated with music, painting, theatre, dance, sculpture and film. The infrastructure will be prepared in the park adjacent to the castle. A small campsite will also be constructed. More information about the Festival of United Arts can be found on the official website

photo by W_SRODKU Fotografia

source: Musiałowski Family Foundation for Culture and the Arts based in Domanice

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