Electric car from… Xiaomi! Here is the Xiaomi SU7

Xiaomi’s debut in the automotive market is set to herald a new generation of electric cars. The SU7 model has been unveiled by the Chinese company known for its smartphones and home appliances. The car is said to be distinguished by its high-tech autopilot. To top it off, the body of the Xiaomi SU7 has been cast from a metal invented by the company.


Xiaomi boasts first and foremost its sophisticated autopilot system in the SU7. The system’s sophistication is made up of three separate technologies. Adaptive BEV is responsible for better measuring the distance between the car and other vehicles. In addition, the technology recognises multiple elements on the road and increases the visibility analysed by the algorithm.

Road-Mapping Foundational Model technology recognises road conditions related to traffic and weather conditions. The Xiaomi SU7 is also able to efficiently navigate through complex intersections.

Traditional autonomous driving systems see various objects in block form. The SU7’s artificial intelligence recognises all possible objects and pays attention to their shape. This reduces the risk of a collision or snagging on a protrusion.

The autopilot system is supported primarily by chips from NVIDIA. The on-board computer offers a large amount of computing power, which allows it to analyse driving accurately. The algorithm draws data from a set of eleven cameras, LiDAR laser measurement technology and radar.

Xiaomi property

Xiaomi Titans Metal is the fruit of years of research into a new material for car manufacturing. Titans Metal is strong yet flexible. The material is used to cast large parts of the vehicle. Xiaomi Die-Casting T9100 is a technology for casting just such parts. By casting the car parts as a whole, the number of bolts needed to join the body parts is reduced. This solution also reduces the weight of the vehicle by 17%. As the name suggests, both technologies were invented directly by Xiaomi. The in-house casting technology also enables much more efficient mass production.

Another Xiaomi invention is their own integrated battery and motor. The company has batteries capable of driving up to 1,200 km. However, the SU7 will come with a smaller battery with a capacity of 100 kWh and a range of 800 km. In turn, the two engine versions offer power: 294 hp and 368 hp. As a result, the SU7’s top speed is 265 km/h. The HyperEngine electric motor is expected to be a continuously developing technology and the performance of future cars will be more impressive. Already, the SU7 accelerates to 100 km/h in 2.78 seconds.

Chinese conquest

The SU7’s interior is modern, but without any major surprises. On the dashboard is a 16-inch tablet with a wide range of functions and compatibility. The car supports both Android smartphones and iPhones. A large heads-up display is also an interesting feature. On the windscreen, in front of the driver, the speedometer and navigation will be displayed. The technology itself is not a Xiaomi invention, but in the case of the SU7, the head-up screen can extend across the entire windscreen.

Xiaomi plans to gradually conquer the automotive market. In 15 years, the company wants to become the world’s fifth-largest car manufacturer. The Xiaomi SU7 sports sedan is intended to be a modern and affordable electric car proposition. Chinese productivity and innovation could in time displace European and American car companies. Production of the SU7 is expected to begin this year.

Image source: Xiaomi

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