Apartamenty Remedium w Gdańsku. Przestrzeń wykończona pod klucz

Elegant in Aniołki. Here are the Remedium flats in Gdańsk

Remedium is an intimate building with investment flats to be constructed in Gdańsk. Its design was created by the MS 15 studio, and the investment will be carried out by Domesta

This is already another investment in the portfolio of the developer Domesta in Gdańsk. Previously, Domesta completed, among others, such estates as Havlove – Gdańsk Chełm, Osiedle Traffic or Osiedle Robinia in Gdańsk Chełm. Work is underway on the Urzeka (we wrote about it HERE) and Nowe Południe (read HERE) estates

This time, a facility with investment flats will be built. Although it is one of the smaller projects from Domesta, it is distinguished by its more sophisticated form. Remedium will be built in the Aniołki district on Smoluchowskiego Street. The building will occupy the site of the abandoned Maritime Institute of the Gdynia Maritime University. The Institute’s former premises were in a deplorable state, with asbestos on its roof. We publish archive photos of the Institute at the bottom of the gallery. The old building has already been demolished

The Remedium apartment building will be built in an attractive location. Its residents will be neighbours of the Green Park, providing an attractive view of the greenery

We have been working on the project of Remedium investment flats, located in the historic and green district of Gdańsk – Aniołki, for many months. From the moment we purchased the plot, we knew we would create a unique place here. We invited the experienced MS 15 Architectonic Studio – specialists in space creation, interior design and greenery – to cooperate. We wanted the Remedium flats to delight with their architecture and functionality for years to come,” says Marta Apanowicz, Sales and Marketing Director of Domesta

The project prepared by Martyna Lech of the MS 15 studio involves the construction of a four-storey apartment building. Three retail and service units will be created in the ground floor, and an underground garage for 55 cars will be located below. An additional eight parking spaces will be located at ground level. A total of 65 flats of varying sizes will be built. The smallest will have an area of 36.68 square metres and the largest will be 63.14 square metres

Remedium is an elegant edifice. When looking for a suitable façade material, the architect decided to refer to the older buildings in the district and proposed a fluted façade. Opposite the development is a building with a strip of brick laid at a 40-degree angle above the ground floor windows. This is a recurring element exposed in buildings in the older buildings of Gdansk. In addition, brick, which also appears on the façade, will add character to the new building

When designing the Remedium building, we focused on taking advantage of the site’s assets – the character of a quiet, historic residential district and its central location on the city map. We managed to create an elegant building finished with high quality materials that refer to the details of the surrounding tenement houses, as well as an intimate, green recreational space at the back of the plot. We hope that the investment will harmoniously fit into the landscape of the district, and for the owners and residents it will turn out to be an aesthetic and functional space in one of the most unique corners of Gdańsk,” says Martyna Lech of the MS 15 architectural studio

The architect has divided the building into sections. These are distinguished by the materials used. Part of the building is clad in brick cladding – elastolith, which in its appearance refers to the buildings in the vicinity. It will be laid by hand on the grooves. The second material is an alucobond panel, which will give the building a contemporary feel. The varying shades of brick interspersed with the black façade panels lend dynamism to the entire block. This intriguing combination could prove to be an aesthetic hit

How much will the units cost? The developer reveals that their price will start from PLN 18 thousand net. Importantly, all flats will be turnkey – owners will be able to move in from day one and forget about renovations

source: DOMESTA

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The Maritime Institute building of Gdynia Maritime University, which was previously located on the plot

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