Ernst Leonhardt’s villa in Łódź is becoming beautiful. This is where the Registry Office is now operating!

The Ernst Leonhardt Villa is an imposing edifice that stands at 2 Pabianicka Street in Łódź. It is within the walls of this building that the Registry Office operates. The building is currently undergoing renovation. This includes a comprehensive interior refurbishment including the installation of air-conditioning so that high and low temperatures will not hinder any wedding ceremony

The final stage of the investment concerns the procurement and insertion of new furniture. The work will be completed in mid-September. During the renovation, a real architectural gem was discovered! Hidden behind the former installation were historic columns, which most likely formed part of Ernst Leonhardt’s conservatory. They were in a deplorable state, but after restoration they have regained their former splendour. Due to the artistic qualities of the previous arrangement, the city handed it over to the Władysław Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts

Ernst Leonhardt Villa – history

Ernst Leonhardt’s Villa is located at 2 Pabianicka Street in Łódź. The building was constructed in 1900 and the architectural design was created by Ignacy Markiewicz, a Lodz architect who made a lasting mark in the history of the city. The building is located in the park at Niepodległości Square. An eclectic, factory owner’s Leonhardt Villa from the 1890s. It is a three-storey building with a basement, of traditional brick construction, with wooden ceilings and a gabled roof

source, photos: UM Łódź /

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