Great greening of Lodz. They will plant 50,000 trees this autumn!

The great greening of Łódź is underway! The Łódź authorities have announced that as many as 50,000 trees will be planted this autumn alone. Most of them will be planted in Łódź’s forest complexes. Completely new so-called forest clumps will also be created. Such forest clumps are usually surrounded by meadows, pastures or agricultural fields. They include larger forest patches of several hectares, small mid-field woodlots and thickets and narrow tree belts accompanying streams. In the city itself, there will also be more trees. At least 500 new trees will be planted along Lodz streets

The more trees, the more oxygen and the better the air in the city. Therefore, in order to enlarge the Lodz forest complex, as many as 50,000 new trees will be planted this autumn. There will also be forest clumps, i.e. slightly smaller clusters with almost 3,000 trees. Then, of course, there will be rows of trees along Łódź streets, practically in every district. Lime trees, hawthorns, oaks, cherry trees and ash trees – a total of another 500 plantings

The city’s activities will be joined by the ThinkLodz initiative, the first urban think tank in Poland, which will complete the planting of 600 oak trees for the 600th anniversary of Lodz. The first twenty have already been growing since July at the Stefański Ponds. They will be joined by around 200 trees at Piłsudskiego Avenue and Rokicińska Street, over 50 near the Inwalidów Roundabout, the same number near the intersection of Przybyszewskiego and Augustów Streets and at Puszkina Street in the vicinity of the Sybiraków Roundabout, and 100 new trees at 11 November and Włókniarzy Avenue

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