Guide to choosing vinyl panels: how to find the perfect solution for your style and needs?

Those who are interested in finishing materials have no doubt already heard of vinyl panels. This material, which is used for laying on the floor, is extremely popular, and this is because of the many advantages it has. Where can vinyl panels be used? How do you choose the right design for your home or flat? Can you lay this type of flooring yourself?The answers to these questions can be found below

Why choose vinyl?

Until now, the best alternative to real wood flooring has been laminate floorboards. They are quite inexpensive to buy and at the same time versatile. They present themselves really well in a variety of interiors. Unfortunately, they also have a few disadvantages. They will mainly work well in the living room or bedroom. As they are not very resistant to moisture, it is better not to lay them in the bathroom. Vinyl panels are a different matter. This is a completely new quality when it comes to finishing materials. They are very durable and resistant to both water and other stains. They can be washed frequently without fear of being damaged or losing their colour under the influence of liquid detergent. The vinyl layer with which these panels are coated makes them resistant to abrasion and pressure. They will last for many years even in heavily used rooms.

It is worth knowing that vinyl flooring is warm and pleasant to the touch. This is another advantage that people who like to walk barefoot will appreciate. Interestingly, its thickness is only 3-7 mm. Vinyl panels also require no special care. It only needs to be wiped down with a normal mop or vacuumed. Also of great importance is the fact that most vinyl panels are suitable for underfloor heating

How do you choose the perfect vinyl panels for your interior?

When choosing vinyl panels, first of all pay attention to their markings. Manufacturers of this type of flooring use two-digit codes, referring to the utility classes. The first digit is 2 or 3, where 2 stands for a product intended for domestic use and 3 for a product intended for public facilities. The second digit indicates the abrasion resistance. The higher it is, the more durable the product is. Those looking for vinyl flooring that is abrasion-resistant and suitable for high-traffic areas should look at products with a code 33

The second issue, which is extremely important, is appearance. Very often, people who opt for floor panels want to create an imitation of a wooden floor in their home. Vinyl panels are perfect for this. However, they can also do much more. There are also panels that can imitate marble, for example. The choice of the ideal vinyl panels for a flat or house should be dictated by the taste of its occupants. The floor should match the style in which the interior is arranged. Vinyl panels will successfully replace both the floorboard and parquet made of different types of wood. They create a warm and cosy atmosphere. At the other extreme are panels imitating concrete these will work well in rooms that have a more austere character. When choosing flooring for the kitchen or bathroom, it is best to take an interest in vinyl panels, which look like floor tiles.

What distinguishes a floor made of vinyl panels is the natural look and the faithful reproduction especially in the case of panels that imitate wood. When buying traditional panels, you need to think carefully about their layout so that two identical patterns do not lie next to each other. With vinyl panels, there is only one duplication in 45 pieces, so the risk of repeating models is very low

Installation of vinyl panels

Another reason to choose vinyl panels for your floor finish is the ease with which you can install them yourself. There is no need to dismantle the existing floor to do this, as they can be laid on concrete as well as on tiles, laminate panels or any other type of subfloor. In most cases, it is also possible to install the floor yourself. Thanks to the click system, this is a simple and pleasant task

Of course, there are situations where the installation of a vinyl floor is a little more complicated, and in such a situation it is advisable to use the help of a professional

Vinyl flooring not only for flats

Vinyl flooring has many advantages, and thanks to its durability, resistance to damage and variety of patterns, it is ideal not only for homes and flats, but also for offices and other public buildings. They are easy to keep clean, replacing a damaged part is not a problem, and they are quiet, warm and pleasant to the touch.It is hard to find a product with similar properties

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