Install 600 name plates for Lodz’s 600th birthday

The installation of nameplates to celebrate Lodz’s 600th birthday is underway in Lodz. In this way, a Great Monument to Łódź will be created at the local Freedom Square.The official unveiling of the monument will take place later this month

This is an unusual action. A few months ago, the city offered its inhabitants an auction during which they could buy the opportunity to write their names on commemorative plaques that will be placed on the surface of the square undergoing reconstruction

We are giving Liberty Square back to the people of Łódź. It is here that an extraordinary pedestrian route will be created, strewn with cast-iron plaques bearing the names of Łódź citizens. We have 600 nameplates for the 600th anniversary of Łódź. The plaques will be available for purchase during an auction conducted by the Łódź Tourist Organisation,” this is how Hanna Zdanowska, Mayor of Łódź, announced the launch of the campaign in March this year

The auction was also open to entrepreneurs, who could immortalise the names of their companies in this way

The auction itself was quite successful. One of the most expensive was plate number ‘1’, which was auctioned for PLN 8100. On average, the citizens of Łódź paid around PLN 1,500 for one plaque. The starting price for each plaque started at PLN 600, which is the production cost of one plaque. The income from the sale of the plaques was earmarked for the organisation of the main celebrations of the 600th anniversary of Łódź. In total, the income from the sale of the plaques amounted to PLN 615 689

The unveiling of the monument at Wolności Square is planned for October. The monument will fit in perfectly with the modernisation of the square, which will be completed in a few weeks. The new Plac Wolności will include a new surface, rest and play areas for the youngest and greenery,” says Agnieszka Kowalewska-Wójcik, director of the Municipal Investment Board

The installation of the plaques has just begun. They will be placed in special recesses in the new pavement. After the renovation, Wolności Square will become a completely new space for pedestrians. The cost of reconstructing the square is PLN 35 million

source: Łódź.pl

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