It has 39 sq m. Soothing green in a flat in Warsaw

Its design was prepared by architects from the KODO studio. Inside, the dominant shade is green, which the designers compare to sage.The greenery in this flat in Warsaw creates a pleasant atmosphere conducive to relaxation

In the interiors we describe, the interior is usually dominated by white. This time it is different. The designers reached for shades of sage as an alternative to white or pastels. The small flat has an area of 39.67 square metres and is located in a new building in Ursus

The main room is a living room combined with a kitchenette. In addition, the flat has a bedroom and a bathroom. The latter two rooms are filled with functional solutions for easy storage. The whole is rounded off by a bright and warm arrangement

The most striking feature is the colour – or more precisely, the colour of delicate sage, which runs through various elements of the flat, from the living area, through the bedroom to the bathroom. It feels great against the background played by the tried-and-tested trio of white, grey and light brown wood. It begins its journey quietly on the walls of the kitchen and in the glazed tiles of the kitchen apron. It also finds its way into the bedroom, where it takes over the upholstered bed and the finer decorative elements, the project’s authors describe

In addition, the colour appears in the bathroom, where it occupies the wall tiles in its strongest tones. To add variety to the space, the architects reached for beige accessories. This can be seen in the built-in wardrobes in the bedroom and in the plaid chairs used

The premises have been prepared with renting in mind, which the designers took into account in their design. This manifests itself in the division of the functional zones, the storage space or through the combination of bath and shower. It is difficult to predict who will live here, so thanks to the universal solutions, the flat can meet the expectations of many people

source: KODO

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