It has 70 sq m. Modern flat in Gdańsk

The interior was designed by Paulina Góźdź and Agata Pawletko of the F-STUDIO Design Studio. The modern flat consists of a living room with a kitchenette, a toilet, a bathroom, two bedrooms and a hallway.

A great advantage of the apartment is its location. The proximity of the old town, the harbour climate and the sea… The investors originally planned to live here, but during the works it was decided that the flat would be used for short-term rental. This meant that the interior had to be versatile and the materials used durable.

The design envisaged creating a space in a calm and warm colour scheme, which alludes to the colours of the old city of Gdańsk. A dark shade of wood appears in each room. An interesting detail is the fabric-weave wallpaper and the oval motif interspersed in the accessories.

The living area is the largest. Its most important element is the table, over which lamps are suspended. The living area is separated from the kitchen by an openwork wall with a carpenter’s box, the rear part of which has made it possible to create a mini island in the kitchen area. This allows the kitchen to be entered from two sides and at the same time visually separates the two zones.

A pleasant atmosphere prevails in the bedrooms, whose design is an aesthetic repetition of the living area. The bedrooms are places of relaxation, and during the day, books can be read here. In the bedrooms, storage has been created. In addition, a large wardrobe is located in the hallway, which serves as a storage area – its size allowed the washing machine to be hidden inside.

Paulina Góźdź and Agata Pawletko from Pracownia Projektowa F-STUDIO

The bathroom was designed in a light colour scheme. There is a large shower, and the walls are decorated with Italian Norr tiles from Mirage Ceramiche. The detail of the room is the white faucets in a matt finish. The toilet is different, with dark colours dominating.


About the studio:

F-STUDIO Design Studio was born from the merger of two different personalities, but from a shared passion for beautiful interiors. The design duo began their journey together in 2020, although both have worked independently since 2015, creating and designing both residential and commercial interiors. Do they have a favourite style in design? – We are certainly closest to minimalism, simple and modern forms, but this is not a rule and we undertake design in other styles as well. We really enjoy working with people, so each new project, is not only about the excitement of creating, but often about the beautiful new friendships that stay with us. With unflagging curiosity we follow what is happening on the interior design market, taking part in fairs, trainings, and also through travelling – because this is another one of our common great passions,” reads the F-STUDIO website.

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