It is from the late 19th century. Railway station in Ozarow Mazowiecki after renovation

The railway station in Ozarow Mazowiecki has been opened to travellers. This is another station that has been opened after renovation in recent weeks. What is special about the one in Ozarow Mazowiecki?

The station was modernised as part of the Station Investment Programme 2016-2023 with EU funding from the Infrastructure and Environment Programme. The historic station in Ozarow Mazowiecki has undergone a successful metamorphosis and now looks like new

The station building was constructed in 1890. During the works, the brick facade of the higher and older part of the building was thoroughly cleaned. Architectural details were taken care of and historical styled lamps were restored. The lower, ground-floor part of the building was plastered and painted in a light colour. It is in this part that the passenger service takes place – for this reason, the illuminated PKP logo and the inscription “Railway Station” and “Ożarów Mazowiecki” have been placed there. The former is visible from the city side, and the latter from the side of the platforms

It is worth noting the openwork decorated grilles in the windows, whose design is reminiscent of the 1920s. This is when this part of the building was added on. The entire building has been illuminated at night

The passenger service area is located in the ground floor of the station. The design is modern, in shades of white and grey. Some ‘warmth’ is added to the interior by the brown wooden doors and windows and the minimalist geometric detail at the ticket office window, say the railwaymen

In the lobby, benches with wooden seats, display cabinets with timetables and electronic boards for train arrivals and departures have been installed. The surroundings of the building have also been rebuilt. A ramp and parking spaces for cars were built. A bicycle shelter for 16 vehicles was set up, new pavements were laid and landscaping was installed

This is what the building looked like BEFORE the renovation

photo by Grzegorz Gołębiowski,, licence: CC BY-SA 3.0

The reconstruction of the station in Ożarów Mazowiecki cost a gross cost of PLN 10.86 million

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source: PKP S.A

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