Kamil Swiatoniowski and Modular shelving. Back to plywood bending technology

Modular bookcases were designed by Kamil Świątoniowski. The furniture was created in the product design studio of Dr Dagmara Latała at the Commission of National Education Pedagogical University in Kraków. It is simple furniture that will appeal to fans of minimalist design

Kamil Świątoniowski is a student of Art & Design, where he is currently working on his master’s degree at the Institute of Art and Design. The Modular bookcase project is a preview of his master’s degree, which uses plywood bending technology.

The main considerations when designing the product were to learn about plywood bending technology and the modularity and visual lightness aspect of the furniture.

I started my design work with a market and material analysis in terms of the strength and ductility of the material bent plywood, says the young designer

The first design concepts began with modelling and determining the proportions of the furniture. At this stage, it was essential to consult a manufacturer such as Bester Plywood, which is a leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality bent-plywood components.

Contact with the manufacturer Bester Plywood, allowed me to see the manufacturing process of the components, which turned out to be a multi-stage process. I was able to see and understand the entire process of making the components starting from the first stage of selecting and storing the raw material to the final processing to give the final shape. This was the stage where we began to work together, which enabled me to make models of the Modular shelving unit,” adds Kamil Świątoniowski

The Modular bookcase consists of two main modules and seven connectors, made of eight-layer beech plywood moulded in one piece. Assembly of the furniture is simple and intuitive. It takes place without the use of tools. All elements are pushed together to form a stable unit. The Modular shelving unit is available in two colours: natural beech and a dark stained version.

Kamil Świątoniowski is currently a Master’s student in Art & Design at the Institute of Art and Design at the Pedagogical University of the National Education Commission in Kraków. In design, he is driven by the creation of durable, qualitative and useful objects that respond to the problems of the contemporary world. His designs are distinguished by a conscious selection of materials, restrained form and emphasis on aesthetics

source: Kamil Świątoniowski

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