New greenery in the centre of Poznań. Planting underway!

It is a showcase for the city. New greenery is appearing in the centre of Poznań. Shrubs and flowers are being planted on the renovated section of Święty Marcin Street. The city wants to rectify the mistakes associated with the renovation of the first part of the street, which was criticised for having too little green space

Hydrangeas, roses and barberries are appearing along Święty Marcin Street. Planting is being done near the intersection with Towarowa Street and Niepodległości Avenue

Trees and low-lying greenery are a very important element of the Centre’s Programme. Święty Marcin is becoming more and more beautiful, as we can see in the already reconstructed sections of this street. Now the low greenery is growing, but we still have to plant new trees in the area of the UAM auditorium. The whole will form a coherent, friendly space. The changes will certainly be noticed by passengers on the trams that run on the rebuilt track,” says Jacek Jaśkowiak, Mayor of Poznań

Earlier, new trees were planted on Święty Marcin street between Gwarna street and Niepodległości Avenue. The trees are accompanied by low greenery, which has already bloomed in various colours this year. These include roses, sage, bergenias, rosemary and sand blowers. A small-leaved lime tree also grows in Towarowa Street, and pear trees will also appear there

In total, 49 new trees are planned for the section between Gwarna Street and the University Bridge, of which 31 are already growing in place and benefiting from the new irrigation system. Now it is time for greenery islands in the area of Św. Marcin Street, Niepodległości Avenue and Towarowa Street, including the new pedestrian crossing at Mickiewicza Square. There will be both deciduous and coniferous shrubs, says Tomasz Płóciniczak, vice-president of the company Poznańskie Inwestycje Miejskie

Among the plants currently being planted are barberries, hydrangeas, arborises, roses, clematis, cucumbers and irises. Coniferous shrubs such as yew and juniper are also planned. At a later date, more trees will also be planted in Św. Marcin street – on the section from Kaponiera. Space is being prepared for them along the pavement in front of the University Hall and Collegium Iuridicum – on the north side of Św. Marcin Street. These will be plane trees separating the pavement and cycle path from the roadway

Two rows of trees consisting of 18 plane trees and 12 elm trees were created along the reconstructed tramway track between Gwarna Street and Niepodległości Avenue. Importantly, these were not new saplings, but already 15-year-old trees

What about the rest of the street? The remaining work on the section of Św. Marcin Street between Gwarna Street and the University Bridge is already well advanced. Trams have been running along this section since mid-May. The carriageways of both Św. Marcin Street and Niepodległości Avenue have already been rebuilt and covered with a new surface. Among other things, paving work is currently underway between Niepodległości Avenue and Uniwersytecki Bridge, where pavements and cycle paths remain to be constructed. Among other things, profiling and compacting of the aggregate sub-base layer on the cycle paths on Św. Marcin Street was recently underway. The gas connection to the torchlight on Mickiewicza Square was also rebuilt, passenger information boards were installed at the stops near CK Zamek, and lighting fixtures were installed on Towarowa Street

photo: Poznan Municipal Investments

source: Municipal Office of Poznań

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