New life for a monument. The railway station in Wałcz will be renovated

The railway station in Walcz will soon be renovated. The decision to do so was announced by the PKP S.A. company. The renovation of the building is part of a larger project, the so-called Railway Station Investment Programme, thanks to which dozens of railway stations in Poland have already been renovated in recent years. However, there are others waiting for revitalisation, such as the station in Wałcz

This is a new edition of the Railway Station Investment Programme. The project aims to renovate not only large railway stations, but also those located in small towns and villages in Poland. Under the first edition, a total of almost 200 facilities will be modernised, but also built from scratch. 84 railway stations have already been put into use, and the gross investment outlays of the entire first edition of the programme amount to over PLN 3 billion

Among the stations undergoing reconstruction, more than 100 are historic. Four railway station investments are currently underway in Zachodniopomorskie voivodeship. Construction work is underway at the stations in Koszalin and Kołobrzeg; a tender has already been announced for construction work associated with the redevelopment of Szczecin Dąbie station, and the investment in Stargard is at the preparation stage

As part of the continuation of the programme, the redevelopment of 150 railway stations across the country was assumed by 2030, but a total of more than 300 facilities were analysed in terms of investment needs. The initial estimated value of the programme is around PLN 4.4 billion gross

The criteria that were taken into account when selecting specific stations for the new edition of the programme included the exchange of passengers using a given station or stop, the technical condition of the facility and complementarity with other railway investments, i.e. modernisation of tracks, platforms and other infrastructure facilities. Among the buildings analysed in the preparation of the next edition of the programme, more than 130 are heritage stations

In the case of the railway station in Wałcz, reconstruction of the existing station building is planned, thanks to which a facility meeting modern standards for passenger service will be created, including improved accessibility for persons with reduced mobility (also passengers with disabilities). A detailed timetable for the works is not yet known, the railwaymen have said they will present it at a “later date”

Wałcz railway station in 2010. Photo Mef.ellingen,, licence: CC BY-SA 3.0

After modernisation, the railway station in Walcz will be able to fulfil not only functions related to serving rail passengers. Part of the building will be able to be used for public purposes, such as those related to local government activities, and for commercial activities

The station building in Walcz was built in 1881. It was opened as part of the launch of the railway line from Wałcz to Piła

source: PKP S.A

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photo PKP S.A.

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