Next edition of Street meet Warsaw by PUMA project launched

Throughout PUMA’s 75 years of existence, the brand has stayed true to its traditions by building its heritage around sport, culture and fashion. This year’s ambassadors of the Street meet Warsaw photo project ,consisting of: Aleksandra Zaborowska, Filip Blank and Wojciech Radwański, took up the challenge to draw on the sports giant’s DNA with their skills and a wide range of photographic techniques

Launched in 2019, the project is growing in popularity with successive editions. Having already unveiled the eighth edition of this concept, it can be said that in the world of photography, Street meet Warsaw has become a brand in its own right. From the beginning, the main idea was to build a photographic community that could learn from each other, exchange experiences and test themselves in a common field. So far, 24 ambassadors from all over Poland and beyond have taken part in the project, and over 12,000 photos have already been collected on Instagram – which is the main communication tool – under the tag #streetmeetwarsaw

Activities with top photographers from our country, such as Paweł Fabjański, Bartek Wieczorek, Kuba Dąbrowski, Kasia Milewska, Dorota Szulc, Daniel Jaroszek, Helena Bromboszcz, Yan Wasiuchnik or Zulu Kuki, meant that the level of the workshops, both in terms of content and technique, reached a very high level. This year, continuing with these assumptions, a distinguished trio will play the role of ambassadors of the photographic workshops

Aleksandra Zaborowska is an expert in the category of portrait photography. During her workshops, she will focus on the photographer’s work with a professional model and will reveal how to evoke
and find emotion in following a natural effect. As a specialist in automotive photography, Filip Blank will introduce us to his world, guiding participants through a multi-faceted story of handling light. Wojciech Radwański, winner of competitions and creator of numerous exhibitions related to aerial photography, will share his knowledge of photographing from the air using a drone. He will talk about the search for unusual perspectives and their unobvious application

Throughout the month, a competition will run via Instagram. All those wishing to do so are asked to post their best photo, adding the hashtag #streetmeetwarsaw. The judges will select 15 winners and announce the verdict on 3 September. The selected participants will be divided into three groups and will take part in a full-day workshop. This year’s edition of Street meet Warsaw will take place on 10 September, simultaneously in two locations in Warsaw’s Żerań district. In an industrial container space and in a hall where a famous passenger car factory operated years ago

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