Old Market Square in Łódź rebuilt

We wrote about the planned renovation back in 2021. The Old Market Square in Łódź has already been rebuilt and is awaiting its official opening. Originally, the site was to be rebuilt by 2023, but the work has only now been completed. What has changed?

Initially, the city wanted a project that would have covered the square’s surface quite tightly with slabs. However, after numerous publications in the media criticising the phenomenon of so-called ‘concretisation’, officials decided to change the design and introduced more greenery. At the bottom of the photo gallery, we publish a visualisation of the FIRST concept and the SECOND, which has already introduced more trees.

The Old Market Square is an important place in Łódź. Years ago, there was a ghetto here and a synagogue stood here. In place of the dilapidated tenements, a park was established and new ones were built. The market is 105 m long and 85 m wide. It is surrounded on three sides by arcaded houses, while one frontage of the market is adjacent to the park, which makes for an attractive strolling area. The original market was designed by the architect and town planner Ryszard Karłowicz.

The redevelopment was preceded by archaeological research. During them, a lot of old objects were discovered. Among them were coins, shells, pottery, glass, cutlery or a ring with a precious stone. A brick well and goods seals were also discovered.

This is what the place looked like BEFORE the redevelopment:

Now the Old Market has been given a completely new look. The entire surface has been replaced, urban furniture has been placed – benches, seats, bins and lanterns have been installed. A new feature is more greenery. New trees and 300 shrubs and ornamental grasses have been planted. An interesting feature is the shopping shelters, of which there are 14, which will make it possible to hold weekend flower markets, eco-fairs and book fairs. Two fountains will also be a highlight of the site.

The official opening of the Old Market Square in Łódź is scheduled for Saturday 23 March from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. In total, the reconstruction of the Market Square cost PLN 10 million.

source: UM Łódź(www.łódź.pl)

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