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Piotrkowska street in Łódź to beautify! Councillors will create a cultural park

A cultural park is a legal tool thanks to which a specific area can be protected. Soon, Piotrkowska Street in Łódź will be covered by such a tool, thanks to which it will be possible to determine the permissible size of advertisements or signboards, but not only.

Although Piotrkowska Street in Łódź is already covered by local plans and has the status of a historic monument and monument of history, in order to take care of its appearance in the smallest detail, the scope of protection should be extended to include a cultural park. Such a solution already works successfully in many cities in Poland.

Such a document as a resolution on a cultural park gives an additional protective aspect. When the previous one was adopted, in December 2015, it became what was supposed to protect Piotrkowska, as we did not yet have local plans. Today we have a different situation than a few years ago. We have managed to tidy up the appearance of the street, greenery has arrived, the space is friendly. This does not mean that we do not need a resolution on a cultural park. We do need one. But one that meets the needs of our time. One that is extended to include, for example, Włókiennicza Street, which we can call a pearl bis,’ says Adam Pustelnik, Deputy Mayor of the City of Łódź.

The creation of a cultural park in a given area has already convinced the residents of Poznań (read about the aesthetic revolution HERE) or Krakow (read HERE), where ugly signboards have been replaced by better quality and less gaudy inscriptions. Work on similar legislation in Łódź is due to start in February.

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Councillors want residents, community members and entrepreneurs to be involved in the development of the cultural park resolution. The issues enshrined in the document are meant to address contemporary issues.

The city council is expected to be involved in the creation of the document for about three months. The document will address issues concerning the placement of advertisements, the appearance of catering gardens, street trading, mass events, building works or small architecture and car parks.

A cultural park in Łódź was already enacted eight years ago, but in 2023. The Supreme Administrative Court rejected the city’s cassation appeal against objections raised by a resident. The Supreme Administrative Court found that the provisions that were in that document were too strict. The city announces that it will prepare better regulations this time. We will soon find out if it has succeeded.

source: UM Łódź, łódź.pl

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